Gab Valenciano reacts to the backlash over his ‘morality post’ against Mayor Duterte; heeds advice: “Wag nalang patulan.”

Gab Valenciano has gotten himself in another heated discussion over his posts on social media. This time he decides to choose his battles.

Not one to back down from a fight, Gab Valenciano once again took upon his social media accounts to address the "barrage of messages” he had received after agreeing with singer Kitchie Nadal’s comment about the “morality” of presidential hopeful Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

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Gab first took upon Facebook to post his dismay over the Filipino netizens' harsh reactions.

In his post last December 8, he wrote: “I would have loved to indulge in constructive arguments with people and go head to head on this issue,

"Instead, they talk about how ugly I am, how I’m using this issue to boost my popularity, how I’m just desperately looking for attention because I don’t have a career anymore AND how I was never fit for show business.

"Wait, what? WHAT?”

He continued, “It’s sad. Heartbreaking even. Not necessarily with what they were saying about my personal life (since I’ve heard all that over and over before anyway),

"But seeing how real people who live real lives think and feel nowadays, it’s scary seeing where Filipinos stand culturally, socially, spiritually and mentally.”

Celebrity supporters of Mayor Duterte had slammed Gab’s post about the politician admitting his womanizing ways.

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Singer-performer Mocha Uson of the Mocha Girls referred back to Gab’s Facebook post about his comment on the showbiz industry and how he didn’t “owe it (Philippines) a thing.”

She stated, “Wala ka namang alam sa tunay na kalagayan ng mga Pilipino because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you are not even here.”

GAB RESPONDS. Earlier on Twitter, Gab posted multiple tweets in response to the latest wave of backlash.


Twitter users then started to react to his tweets and Gab replied:

He concluded on Twitter with an advice he had received.





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