Miss Australia on Miss Universe 2015 controversy: "We knew what happened."

In an interview with an Australian morning show, Miss Australia Monika Radolovic relates how she and the other contestants knew about the mistake host Steve Harvey committed during the announcement of winners in the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

Saksi si Miss Australia Monika Radulovic sa pagkakamaling nagawa ng host na si Steve Harvey sa ginanap na Miss Universe 2015 pageant sa Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, nitong Linggo ng gabi, December 20 (Lunes ng umaga, December 21, sa Pilipinas).

Usap-usapan ngayon sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng mundo ang ginawang pag-anunsiyo ni Harvey kay Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez bilang Miss Universe 2015.

Pero pagkatapos ng ilang sandali ay itinama niya ito at inanunsiyong si Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach ang tunay na nanalo.

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Sa pinakaunang interview ni Miss Australia pagkatapos ng beauty pageant, nagsalita ang Top 5 finalist sa Australian morning program na Sunrise hinggil sa isyu.

Pahayag ni Monika, “I’m really proud of myself making it to the Top 5, but yet the scandal has really overridden everything.

“It was unbelievable. I still can’t believe it happened."

Ayon kay Monika, alam daw nilang ibang mga kandidata na ang Philippines talaga ang nanalong Miss Universe.


“The girls, the rest of us, 77 contestants, were on the sideline on the stage.

"And we actually saw on the teleprompter, it said, 'Philippines, please take your first walk as Miss Universe' after Colombia was crowned.

“So, we were looking at each other thinking, 'What are we waiting?'

“And then Steve Harvey made the walk down the runway. We could all see the worried look on his face and we knew what happened.”

Sinabi pa ni Miss Australia na nakikisimpatiya siya kina Pia at Miss Colombia dahil sa nangyari.

“It was horrible. My heart goes to both girls.

"For Colombia, that feeling of winning and you could say she was crying [out] of joy and then getting that was taken away.

"But at the same time, for Philippines, she didn’t really have that amazing victory."

Una raw silang lumapit kay Miss Colombia upang i-console ang Latina beauty pagkatapos bawiin ang korona sa kanya.


“The girls, we ran to Colombia first to [console] her, so she [Pia] didn’t have that congratulatory walk that the Miss Universe can only get, so my heart goes out to both of them.”

Kinumpirma rin ni Miss Australia na lumabas ang Philippines sa teleprompter bilang kumpirmasyon na ito ang nanalo sa pageant.

“It did on the teleprompter.”

Pinuri rin ng Australian beauty queen sina Pia at Ariadna sa pagiging “gracious” nila sa pagharap sa nasabing sitwasyon.

“I’m so happy for Colombia for the way she handled herself, she really did handle herself with such poise and grace.

“We spoke to her backstage afterwards and we all gave her a big hug and she’s still proud of herself.

“I think it was all just the emotions of it all happening so fast.

“Philippines, Pia, good luck to her. I’m sure she’ll be a great Miss Universe and I haven’t spoken to her since.


“I’m sure she’s very, very busy now."

Dagdag ni Monika, "But end of the day, it was an honest mistake.

“I really feel for Steve Harvey as well, because he’s not dealing with it too good, but the world isn’t.”

Miss Universe: Wrong Winner Crowned

#EXCLUSIVE: Monika Radulovic says contestants could see the autocue and Miss Philippines WAS listed as the winner. They knew Steve Harvey made a mistake. "We could see the teleprompter - it said 'Philippines please take your walk as Miss Universe'" #sun7 #MissUniverse2015

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