Lucy Torres-Gomez ranks third in most beautiful politicians list

Hindi maitago ni Richard Gomez ang kilig para sa asawang si Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez dahil naitampok ito sa isang Indian website bilang isa sa pinaka-hot at pinakamagandang babaeng pulitiko sa mundo.

Proud na proud si Richard Gomez sa kanyang misis na si Lucy Torres-Gomez nang maitampok ito bilang isa sa walong pinaka-hot at pinakamagandang pulitikong babae sa buong mundo.

Nasa ikatlong puwesto ang mambabatas mula sa Ormoc; nangunguna ang isang pulitiko mula sa Russia na sinundan naman ng taga-Ukraine.

Base ito sa listahang inilabas ng isang Indian website na

Noong November 2015 pa lumabas ang naturang artikulo ngunit nito lang Miyerkules, December 6, nag-post si Richard sa kanyang Instagram tungkol dito.

Sabi ng You're My Home actor: "My honey is a hottie!!! #wowparangdalagalangangdatingnghoneykodiba"

My honey is a hottie!!! #wowparangdalagalangangdatingnghoneykodiba

A photo posted by Richard Gomez ???? (@richardgomezinstagram) on

Ayon sa author ng article na may titulong "8 Extremely Hot And Beautiful Female Politicians In The World", si Garima Mishra, "Politics for ages has been a male dominating platform but the modern world witnessed emergence of many female politicians who came out of stereotype tradition and proved out to be a better administrator.

"Few female politicians are not only famous for their position but also for their beauty. They have won millions of heart turning politics into a hot topic."

Tungkol kay Lucy, sabi ng author: "In Philippines many people join politics from the entertainment industry as they get the funding to stage their own's political campaign. Lucy belong to the same clan, she is a former model, actress and a TV host. She is currently a congresswoman of the fourth district, Leyte."

Narito ang buong listahan ng ng "8 Extremely Hot And Beautiful Female Politicians In The World":

1. Alina Kabaeva (Russia)

2. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)

3. Lucy Torres-Gomez (Philippines)

4. Yuri Fujikawa (Japan)

5. Vanja Hadzovic (Serbia)

6. Maria Carfagna (Italy)

7. Julia Bonk (Germany)

8. Anna Maria Galojan (Estonia)





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