Derek Ramsay has marriage on his mind, but not now

Derek Ramsay is happy the way things are with his girlfriend Joanne Villablanca, and he does not want to jinx it with talks of marriage. He says, "Our relationship is going that way... I don't want to pressure her... by talking about it."

Handa na si Derek Ramsay mag-asawa pero hindi naman daw siya nagmamadali.

May non-showbiz girlfriend ngayon si Derek sa katauhan ni Joanne Villablanca.

Pahayag ng aktor, “You know, the relationship Joanne and I have, it’s going very,very well.

“Kung nandito yung marriage,” sabay angat niya ng kamay niya, “our relationship is going that way.

“So, for me, I don’t want to pressure her or jinx the relationship by talking about it.

“When we’re both ready, that day will come and you guys will be the first to know.

“But for now, the want is there.

“I definitely want to spend the rest of my life with a partner by my side…

“For now, ayoko munang i-pressure ang relationship namin with talks of marriage.”

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Derek sa presscon ng pelikulang Love Is Blind nitong Miyerkules, February 3, sa Luxent Hotel.

TRUE FANS. Naniniwala ba si Derek na nakakabawas sa popularidad ng isang male celebrity, lalo na ang isang hunk actor na tulad niya, ang pag-aasawa?

Sagot niya, “Then they’re not really fans if that happens, you know.

“You get true fans who admire you for everything that you do in your life.

“Not because you’re single or not because you look good or any of that.

“I’ll be proud to have one or two fans who will support me and stand by my side because they’re happy for the decisions I’ve made in my life and what I’m doing.

“If ever I get married one day and I lose all my so-called fans and I only have two left…  I’d still be proud that I have two loyal fans who really idolize me for everything that I am, my whole package.

“So I’m not worried about things like that.”



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