Edu Manzano recalls how his separation from Vilma Santos affected son Luis Manzano

"That's why—I hope you don't mind, hindi drama—kahit sa telebisyon, kahit in public, hindi ako nahihiya to say I love you to my children," said Edu Manzano when asked how he handled Luis Manzano's reported troubled years. 

Edu Manzano recalled that the hardest part of his separation from Batangas Governor Vilma Santos was the fact that it affected their son Luis Manzano.

“Actually it’s sad when parents separate because children will always be the victim.

“You know, while some couples may find it as a release or heaven-sent, yung batang walang kaalam-alam is always a victim,” Edu said on the February episode of PEPtalk Election Watch Edition.                        

This is in relation to Vilma’s recent revelation that Luis went through his share of wild days at a time when he still didn’t know what to do with his life.

Edu, for his part, tried his best to be there for his son despite their broken family.

“You have to compensate. You have to be very, very open. You have to explain.

“You have to make him see na it’s heartfelt na bagamat maaaring nagkahiwalay sila o mga ibang magulang, pero hindi nabawasan yung pagmamahal sa kanya.”


The actor-TV host and senatorial aspirant further said that it doesn’t really take a lot to make a child feel cherished by his/her parents.

“At the end of the day, you realize na yung konting dagdag na himas, konting dagdag na I love you’s, it helps.

“That’s why—I hope you don’t mind, hindi drama—kahit sa telebisyon, kahit in public, hindi ako nahihiya to say 'I love you' to my children.

“We do it all the time.”

Edu also has two kids, Addie and Enzo, with ex-girlfriend Rina Sanson.

It can be recalled that all of Edu’s children accompanied him during his filing of certificate of candidacy in October 2015.

Afterwards, Luis shared on his social media accounts that it was actually a special bonding moment for them because all of them rode together in one car.

“Kasi may kotse na lahat, di ba? ‘O, saan tayo kakain? Sige magkita tayo sa ano.’


“So, hindi nagsama-sama.

“I actually felt different sa kotse nung nandun lahat [yung mga anak ko].

“Parang, wow! I’ve been missing so much my whole life.

“First time actually na nakasama ko sila.

“At lahat sila, we were interacting with each other. It’s a beautiful feeling.”

How does Edu feel about those criticizing his “family first” advocacy?

Does he have plans of settling down in the near future?

Catch Edu and his stand on relevant issues in the next episode of PEPtalk Election Watch Edition.


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