OPINION. Is JaDine good for James Reid and Nadine Lustre?

PEP editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon on JaDine relationship: "I only truly hope the two have fallen into this state without the showbiz universe conspiring to get them there."

Okay, I'm not being a spoilsport here.

I like it very much that JAMES and NADINE can come out on national TV and declare their love for each other.

Especially for such a young couple, an “I love you” is intense.

I only truly hope the two have fallen into this state without the showbiz universe conspiring to get them there.

It is not always easy, when your stars are rising phenomenally, to manage the pressure smartly and honestly.

Not easy to resist the wisened starbuilders leading you in the direction they want.

Not easy watching your inner circle work so hard to build up your love team, and just keeping cool.

And not at all easy to see your fans just waiting for you to say the word that would make them happy.

You are JaDine, after all.

You have a name that binds the two of you to each other before a world of admiring crowds.


What you do with that is no small issue.

To those around you, it can spell the difference between doing great business and closing shop.

But, in the end, no one but yourselves should run you down the path to romance.

That's personal. That's real. We're talking true feelings here.

NADINE, especially, deserves the best, pure and undisturbed.

JAMES has my vote, but he doesn’t need the best wishes as, maybe, NADINE does.

See, JAMES strikes me as a survivor. I see him as an independent fellow, one who, thrown into any environment, is likely to fend for himself.

In love, I see him as the kind that will come out of a relationship scathed but not broken.

For some reason, NADINE strikes me as a sweet old soul.

The kind that believes in romance—and in forever. That makes her more vulnerable.

So I’m wishing her the very best. Her heart's journey has just begun.


May JaDine prosper. But may James and Nadine prosper, too.


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