Vic Sotto opens up about big talk with kids before marrying Pauleen Luna

In an exclusive interview with YES!, Vic Sotto revealed that he purposedly gathered all of his four kids in Boracay, for his 61st birthday celebration and to tell them the news that he plans to marry longtime girlfriend Pauleen Luna. "Most of the talks were kinda emotional. From Danica, tapos nagsalita si Oyo, tapos si Tin, tapos si Vico, si Paulina and then 'Okay!'"


For the first time, Vic Sotto opened up about how he broke the news of his marriage plans to his four kids—Danica, Oyo, Vico, and Paulina.

While all four of his kids have always been respectful of his decisions, Vic admitted that they were not one hundred percent thrilled when they first learned about his plan to get married.

Vic said in YES! Magazine’s April cover story, “Kasi, understandably siyempre may kanya-kanya silang manok. Di ba? E, tapos, I’ll end up with someone na hindi nila nanay.”

Danica and Oyo are Vic’s kids from his previous marriage to Dina Bonnevie.

Vico is Vic’s son to ex-girlfriend Coney Reyes, while Paulina is his daughter to another ex-girlfriend Angela Luz.

Vic enlisted Pauleen’s help to organize his trip to Boracay with his children for his 61st birthday.

Oyo’s wife Kristine Hermosa was also part of the Sottos’ vacation.

Danica’s husband Marc Pingris couldn’t make it, however, because of a prior engagement.

Pauleen, on the other hand, was not included in that trip since Vic’s main purpose was to talk to his children about his plan to settle down and find out their thoughts about it.

“We had dinner dun sa villa na pinag-stay-an namin, then…

“Ang nakakaalam lang talaga was Danica, kasi ‘yon yung panganay ko,” Vic said when asked how his serious talk with his children went.  

“Nag-usap kami ni Danica before my birthday. I told her about my plans, and she was okay with it.

“Alam mo naman si Danica, e.

“No matter what, all-out support sa akin ‘yan.”

Such was not the case with his other kids.

Vic further narrated, “The others maraming mga… may mga issues.

“Oyo, may mga issues ‘yan. Si Tin [Kristine's monicker], may mga issues 'yan.


“Of course, si Vico and si Paulina.

“And so, medyo nag-flashback ako ng buhay ko. Mahaba-haba.”

Vic revealed that it took him three hours to recount his love story with each mother of his four kids.

It took that long an introduction to what Vic actually wanted to tell them—that he wants to have a lifetime commitment to Pauleen.

“It was an oratorical piece. Hehehe! And after that, isa-isa silang nagsalita. ‘Yong mga take nila on the matter.

“Most of the talks were kinda emotional.

“From Danica, tapos nagsalita si Oyo, tapos si Tin, tapos si Vico, si Paulina, and then, ‘Okay!’

“Para bang sinabi nila sa akin… ang dating sa akin was, ‘Sige, but were not a hundred percent for it. Pero kung anong gusto mo, susuporta kami.’

“It’s out of respect, ‘yong, ah, love nila sa akin.”

That was the first heart-to-heart talk Vic had with his kids back in April 2015.

Then he had another serious talk with them right after he formally proposed marriage to Pauleen in September 2015.

By that time, Vic’s kids knew it was a done deal.

So, what Danica, Oyo and his wife Kristine did was to initiate a separate solo talk with Pauleen.

Pauleen, in the same interview with YES!, said smiling, “Do’n sa talk na ‘yon, sinabi na nila talaga kung ano ‘yong nasa loob nila.

“And I appreciate it. Kasi sila na ‘yong nag-reach out.

“Do’n sa almost five years [namin ni Vic], never ko kasing pinagpilitan ‘yong sarili ko sa kanila, because I didn’t want them to feel na ‘Kailangan n’yo akong gustuhin.”

What was Pauleen’s reaction when Vic went to Boracay with the intention of talking to his children? What did Vic's kids say when they had their second talk?

How did they eventually show their approval of Pauleen?


Find the answers to all these and more in YES! Magazine’s April 2016 issue.





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