Cristine Reyes's husband Ali Khatibi joins Superbods 2016

Ali Khatibi says being the husband of Cristine Reyes and having a kid are what make him different from other Century Tuna Superbods contestants: "Honestly, no offense, but it makes me different from the rest. Not an advantage, but I just see myself as different kasi I have a family. I could reach out to dads out there, family."

Official candidate sa Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 si Ali Khatibi, ang 31-year-old husband ni Cristine Reyes at contract artist ng Viva Artists Agency.

Sa darating na Linggo, April 10, ang finals night ng contest; at si Cristine ang kinakabahan para kay Ali na isa sa mga inaasahang magkakaroon ng puwesto.

Sabi ni Ali sa (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “I will make her watch. Excited din naman siya sa pagsali ko.

“She’s always there to support me. She’s very supportive.”

Sa tingin niya ba ay advantage ang pagiging asawa ni Cristine sa pagsali niya sa Century Tuna Superbods?

Sagot ni Ali, “Honestly, no offense, but it makes me different from the rest.

“Not an advantage, but I just see myself as different kasi I have a family.

“I could reach out to dads out there, family.”

May isa nang anak sina Ali at Cristine, si Amarah.

HOT DAD. Patuloy niya, “That makes me excited.

“Ang feeling ko, I can reach out to a lot of people also and, hopefully winning it, I could reach out to many people, especially families, kasi I’m a dad.

“So there’s a lot of dad na they’re busy with their schedule, with their work.

“Even with their busy schedule, don’t make an excuse not to be healthy, kasi we owe that to our families.

“I believe I could reach out to a lot of people.

“And I’m the eldest guy in the group, I’m 31, and I had to maintain my figure.


“I believe in the product. I believe in their advocacy.

“They’re promoting health and fitness, something na I’ve been doing all my life.”

Dagdag pa ni Ali, “You know, it’s still  a competition, but a friendly competition.

“Everyone’s a winner already. They gained friends, they gained experience.”

OPEN TO SHOWBIZ. Hindi rin daw isinasara ni Ali ang kanyang pintuan sa showbiz, ang mundong kinabibilangan ng kanyang asawa na si Cristine.

“I think, if I do enter showbiz, I’d love to do action stuff.

“It doesn’t much require acting from me kasi that’s natural for me.

“Sabi ni Cristine, maghanda lang dahil mahirap ang trabaho, puyatan.

“I think the culture, you have to learn it.

“With this thing, parang I’ve been more exposed to it, in a way.  

“She has oriented me... what to expect, how it’s gonna be.”

Handa na rin ba siyang maintriga?

Sagot ni Ali, “Controversy? That’s really part of it.

“You can’t please everyone, especially in their line of work.”

Pero dagdag niya, “I’m a true person. I’m transparent. What you see is what you get.

“Siguro I have influenced Cristine to not be impulsive, to react right away with things.

“You could always handle things in a better manner.

“Cristine is very transparent.

“You know when she’s pissed, you know when she is happy.

“I just let her know she’s in the industry of showbiz.

“People would always have their eyes on her so she has to handle herself with more care and control.”






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