Maxene Magalona not worried about possibility of social media backlash

Maxene Magalona on handling social media: "So, even if nandito ako sa industriya na ito, I don't like to think na magiging limited na ako or that I need to hold back or that I need to hide anything."

Maxene Magalona doesn’t mind sharing constant updates about her and boyfriend Robbie Mananquil in social media.

She said, “Whatever I post online, that’s an extension of me. I’m just grateful.”

“I’ve had my dark phases. I’ve had my troubles and hardships and heartaches.

“And now, I’m in such a good place. I feel so at peace.”

Happy to be back home ?????

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While other celebrities feel like over-sharing would make them prone to social media backlash, Maxene would rather see it as a way to express her emotions.  

“Hindi naman ako baguhan na you know 15, 16 years old. I’ve been there.

“Right now, parang, kailan ka lang ba magiging 29, 'di ba, before you turn 30?  

“So, even if nandito ako sa industriya na ito, I don’t like to think na magiging limited na ako or that I need to hold back or that I need to hide anything.

“I mean, I’m of age and I just wanna celebrate and live my life to the fullest.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and another entertainment reporter caught up with Maxene after the presscon proper of Love Me Tomorrow last Monday night, May 16.

During the interview, Maxene didn’t hide the fact that she and her boyfriend Robbie are head over heels in love with each other.

“Our relationship is very 'what you see is what you get.'

“We connect in so many levels because he is the only one who actually understands and makes it a point to really understand me and really get me," she happily stated.


A quick glimpse of Maxene’s Instagram gives an outsider a feel of their love for music, discovering new places, and matching their outfits.

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But on a deeper level, the Kapamilya actress shared that she loves the way Robbie has a high regard of who she is and what she can do.

“I love it and I feel so kilig everytime he says that he loves my mind, he loves my heart.

“He loves the way I think, my ideas, my thoughts.

“It’s the first time that someone really appreciates that about me.”

Maxene said that most people think that she and Robbie have been together longer than their almost one-year-old relationship.

She said, smilingly, “That’s the thing, quality over quantity. Yun. Sobrang happy lang.”

But when asked if she thinks Robbie is husband-material, Maxene maintained that she doesn’t want to get ahead of herself for now.

“I don’t wanna jinx anything but I would say that he’s the best friend that anyone could ever ask for and ever hope for.

“In every relationship I believe you should be best friends first.

“And masaya ako that we can be best friends and at the same time we can make each other feel kilig.

“So, it’s everything rolled into one. I think he’s the perfect partner.”  





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