Andi Eigenmann admits she had thoughts about quitting showbiz

Andi Eigenmann: "I don't want to live in a world where all I can do is explain myself. My past doesn't define me. I know that I'm worth something more and I'm so happy that internationally, that has been recognized."

Andi Eigenmann tearfully admitted that she had thoughts about quitting showbiz, but her faith was renewed when she attended the 69th Cannes Film Festival recently.

Andi went to Cannes as part of the cast of Ma' Rosa, a competition entry this year that was well-received by the viewers and critics.

The film also won the Best Actress award for Andi's mother, Jaclyn Jose.

“My time is over in showbiz and what Filipinos really look for is really different from what I can offer,” said the actress when she attended the homecoming dinner for Ma’ Rosa cast members held last night, May 25, at Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

The Kapamilya actress added, “I already embraced that. I believed that and it’s okay, I'll just find something else to do.

“Then, all of a sudden, I arrive in France where everybody there appreciates me and what I can do.”

Her voice broke as she recalled the feat achieved by her half-brother Sid Lucero.

He was recently named as Best Actor at the 19th LA Comedy Festival for the movie Toto.

“I get home to find out that my brother also brought the name of our country all the way to New York.

“It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that my family is really at it in terms of making sure that we will bring the name of our country, not just our last name.”

She mentioned that her time is “over” in showbiz. What did she mean by that?

Andi explained, “Akala ko lang po. It’s show business.


“When people are done with you, they’re done with you. I knew that from the very beginning.

“I’ve been so misunderstood for quite a while…”

Her mother Jaclyn Jose has been vocal in saying that she initially did not want her daughter to enter showbiz.

Andi acknowledges this by saying, “These kinds of things happen. It hurts.

“Being a mother, she wouldn’t want to see her child getting hurt.”

Did her frustrations about the entertainment industry go away when she got invited to Cannes 2016?

“Opo,” she candidly admitted.

“It helped me believe that, yes, you fall down but you get back up and you try and you try again.

“In God’s time, things like these will come to you, to all of us.”

For the 25-year-old actress, she considers this moment as a pivotal point in her career.

“I’m just taking this as a chance to begin again,” she said as she wiped away tears from her eyes.

“This time, to be recognized and to be appreciated for what I can do, not just for what I’ve done and for how I look but what I can do, because I’m really so passionate about my craft.”

If her father Mark Gil were alive today, what message would she and her brother Sid have received from him?

It will be recalled that the veteran actor died in 2014 due to liver cancer.

Andi shed tears again as she pointed her finger up to the sky and said, “I feel like my dad is just up there, looking down on us and being so happy.

“Yun yung isa sa mga sayang kasi wala na siya para ma-witness yun with us.


“My dad has always been one of my biggest fans and to know that I made it, kahit na one week lang, isang maliit na bagay lang ang nagawa ko sa isang pelikula na na-recognize abroad, alam ko na sobrang proud na iyon sa amin.”

Instances like these have managed to strengthen Andi’s faith.

“Ito talaga ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit kahit anong mangyari, hindi mawawala ang tiwala ko sa Diyos.

“Kasi kahit ilang beses ako madapa, lagi Niyang pinapatunayan sa akin, ‘Huwag kang mag-alala, basta tumayo ka, basta maniwala ka: I will give you something greater that you would never have imagined.’”

When asked to expound why she wanted to leave showbiz, Andi explained, “Mahirap, e. Minsan you just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

“I don’t want to live in a world where all I can do is explain myself.

“My past doesn’t define me.

“I know that I’m worth something more and I’m so happy that internationally, that has been recognized.”





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