Netizens thank Aly Borromeo for his 'love and support' to KC Concepcion

Aly Borromeo finally opens up about KC Concepcion through his Instagram post this weekend. The football player also wrote a very telling caption about the impact of KC in his life.

KC Concepcion’s rumored boyfriend, former Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo, seemed to have finally come out in the open about his brewing relationship with the actress-TV host, following his latest Instagram post this weekend.

This June 5, Sunday, Aly reposted on his Instagram account a photo of KC, which appeared in an issue of Speed Magazine, a local technology magazine, four weeks ago.

KC admitted last April that she is dating Aly, who is now playing for Kaya F.C., but did not give further details.

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On the other hand, Aly has never announced his romantic involvement with Sharon Cuneta’s daughter on social media, until this recent Instagram post.

Aside from reposting KC’s magazine photo, Aly accompanied the said photo with a very telling caption; about meeting people for a purpose and being influenced positively by that person.

His caption goes like this: “We're all brought to this world for a reason... we all influence each other in many ways! Make sure the people that surround you or spend most of your time with impact your lives in a positive way! #EveryMinuteCounts”

In the comments section, netizens and fans of KC expressed their appreciation and admiration to Aly’s effort and for making KC happy.

They also thanked the football player for loving their idol and for staying by her side.

Aly then replied to these comments: “Thank you guys for all the kind words!!”






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