What would Alden Richards tell his mom if she were still alive?

Alden Richards's wish for the future: "I would want it to be like this pa rin. Kumbaga, a stable job, I'm able to provide for everyone."

If Alden Richards could turn back time, he would want to go back to the moment when his mom Rosario Faulkerson was still alive so he could show her how successful he is now.

The Kapuso actor has consistently said in past interviews that it was his mom's dream for him to be an actor.

“Everything that has been happening to my life, she's the one who imparted it to me,” said Alden during a brief press conference after he was introduced as the new endorser of TechnoMarine watches last Tuesday, June 21.

He added, “I really didn't want anything of this when I was starting.

“I mean, my plan was to graduate college kahit na mahirap, kasi hindi naman kami mayaman.

“We were really struggling to pay the tuition fees.

“There were times talaga when we would choose who would go to college first.

“Of course, it has to be my brother because siya ang pinakamatanda.”


Alden would be very happy to tell his late mom how far he has gone from the time when she would accompany him in different contests.

“Para masabi ko lang, 'Ma, o, this is it. This is what happened to my life after you left.'

“I just wanted her to see it, kasi she's the one naman who has been dreaming of this for me.

“Gusto niya talaga ako mag-artista.

“I just want her to see that we're doing okay. Our family is doing okay.

“I just want her to know that I'm doing this for her.”

FAST FORWARD TO THE FUTURE. Meanwhile, Alden is wishing that he would still have what he's experiencing right now in the future.

The other half of the popular AlDub loveteam said, “Siguro, I wouldn't say naman success is how you describe it.

“Siguro if I would fast forward everything, I would want it to be like this pa rin.


“Kumbaga, a stable job, I'm able to provide for everyone.”

Also part of Aden's wish is to share his blessings.

He said, “[Sana] I'm able to establish a good relationship with different charitable institutions.

“Number one talaga sa akin 'yon, I'm able to share.

“Parang the blessing that I'm getting are not worth it if I'm not able to share it.

“Parang walang value ang mga nakukuha ko if I'm not being able to impart it to other people.

“Kasi, parang God placed us in certain position for us to share something.

“Kasi He knows that we have the capacity to share, so He will bless those people.”





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