James Reid surprised that Nadine Lustre has romantic feelings for him since 2014

Nadine Lustre confesses her romantic feelings for James Reid back in 2014: "On our way home from our shooting in Laiya, Batangas, I fell asleep, and he carefully reclined my seat. Na-feel ko kasi nagising ako nang konti eh. Then for some weird reason, I hugged him. Basta it just happened. Alam mo yun? He just let me, and I fell asleep hugging him," Nadine was quoted as saying in her book with James Reid, Team Real.

James Reid revealed that he was surprised when Nadine Lustre admitted for the first time that she developed romantic feelings for him as early as 2014.

“Actually, nagulat ako dun, kasi I have always asked Nadine, ‘You had a crush on me before, right?’

“She was like, ‘No! Never!’

“And I was like, ‘I don’t believe you.’ [But she insisted] 'I never ever had a crush on you. Never, ever, ever!'

“And then she put it on the book. So I was shocked. I was surprised.

“And I was right.”

Nadine, who was sitting beside James, smiled sweetly as she listened to his reaction to her secret feelings towards him.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview James and Nadine at the press launch of their book Team Real, held at La Reve Restaurant in Quezon City, this Thursday, June 23.

James Reid's reaction when he found when Nadine Lustre felt the spark between them.

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NADINE’S REVELATION. As told in their book, there was an incident when Nadine felt a spark between her and James right after they shot the music video of “Bahala Na,” which was released on YouTube sometime in August 2014.

“After that music video shoot, I don’t know if he remembers this, I don’t think he does, something sweet happened in the van,” Nadine was quoted as saying in the book.

She continued, “On our way home from our shooting in Laiya, Batangas, I fell asleep, and he carefully reclined my seat.

“Na-feel ko kasi nagising ako nang konti, e.

“Then for some weird reason, I hugged him.


“Basta it just happened. Alam mo yun?

“He just let me, and I fell asleep hugging him.”

At the time, Nadine shared that James was equally sweet and caring towards her until they finished shooting the movie Talk Back and You’re Dead.

She added, “But the next thing I knew, nawala yung kung ano mang meron kami nun.”

PEP also asked Nadine about that kilig incident, and she said that she was just being true to her feelings when she hugged James back then.

“Mahirap kasi yung ganun, e [itago yung feelings].

“Kung anong nararamdaman ko, nilalabas ko lang,” Nadine coyly admitted.

Sge added, “Mahirap magpigil, e. Mas obvious po kapag nagpipigil ako. Promise.”

SILENT WAR BEFORE REAL ROMANCE. But it took almost two years and a “silent war” between James and Nadine for them to fully realize their feelings for each other, and that they are ready to be in a relationship.

As it was, the two had a huge fight over Nadine’s lack of punctuality during the premiere night of Wang Fam back in November 2015.

Nadine said, “Kung hindi po kami talaga nung premiere night na yun, kung hindi naman po nangyari yun, I mean, wala, hindi ko rin mari-realize...”

According to James, it happened around the time when there was a “lot of friction” between him and Nadine partly because of the no-nstop bashing of their respective fans.

But at some point in their constant togetherness at work, James said he began to appreciate the way Nadine lets him be himself.


“Love works in mysterious ways,” said James, recalling what he and Nadine went through before getting into a relationship.

“At the start, I never would have imagined that this would happen.

“Pero that’s just how love works. You don’t get to choose real love.

“It just happens.”

Asked to describe their relationship now that they’ve been together for more than four months, James maintained that he’s just happy to have a found love and friendship in Nadine.

“Before anything else, best friend ko siya.

“So, yeah, we still act like friends, except of course we’re in love.”

Nadine, for her part, told PEP, “Well, I think kasi matagal na nga din po kaming friends...

“Nagdyo-joke and all that—mga corny na jokes—like what normal friends would do.

“Same same pa rin naman po.”





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