Rhian Ramos reveals how her boyfriend reacted to her FHM sexy cover

"Threatened? I hope not. He told naman his friends. We were all having dinner. Sabi niya, 'Ito si Rhian, number five sexiest in the country. So, yeah, I think he's either making fun of me or he's proud," said Rhian Ramos when asked about her boyfriend Jason Choachuy's reaction to her being tagged as FHM's fifth sexiest woman for 2016.

Rhian Ramos said that her non-showbiz boyfriend Jason Choachuy did not feel threatened by her growing male admirers now that she's tagged as FHM's fifth sexiest woman in the land.

“Threatened? I hope not.

“He told naman his friends. We were all having dinner.

“Sabi niya, ‘Ito si Rhian number five sexiest in the country.'

“So, yeah, I think he’s either making fun of me or he’s proud,” Rhian said in an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last Friday, July 9.

The Kapuso actress further said that Jason had been very supportive of her gracing the cover of FHM’s July 2016 issue, which includes the complete list of FHM's 100 Most Sexiest Women for 2016.

“He has [seen it]. Solenn invited him to the wedding. He was there during the shoot.

“He loves it! Hahaha! He loves the cover.”

After more than a year of being together, Rhian maintained that her boyfriend has nothing to worry about their relationship or the nature of her work as a showbiz personality.

“Oh yes, [he’s secure about us]. Also, we’ve had a lot of experiences.

“He’s been with me when I’m not busy, when I’m taking a break.

“He’s been with me when I do teleseryes.

“So he knows all the different ways my life can go, and he deals with all of it even if it’s all a little crazy…

“He’s my best friend.”

Photo: Rhian Ramos and boyfriend Jason Choachuy at The PEP List 2015

FHM SEXY COVER. Rhian also said that it took seven years before she agreed to pose for the cover of the sexy men’s magazine.

“They just had a rebrand kasi.

“And the material that they used to have—although alam ko naman na I can control my own layouts—once you turn the page though, it was just so much sex talk…


“I don’t want you to turn the page and it’s like all of these sexual experiences. Tapos pag-turn mo ng page, ako na yun.

“I would have felt awkward about it.”

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Rhian’s FHM pictorial was shot in France right after attending the wedding of her good friend Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico there last May.

It was made possible with the help of celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao, makeup artist Robbie Pinera, fashion stylist Bea Constantino, and hair stylist John Valle.

Rhian also credited Solenn as her "manager and life coach."

Knowing that the pictorial was tastefully done, the Kapuso actress maintained that she has nothing to worry about attracting more male admirers.

“I think what’s sexy has changed. So I wanted to do it already…

“Because the readers of FHM, the way they are now, is probably the kind of guy I would like to meet and be in front so I was game to do the cover. It’s like my little handshake,” she beamed.





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