Solenn Heussaff wants to have kids at age 33

When asked about their plans about having children, Solenn Heussaff answered, "Not any time soon. Baka when I'm 33." 

Solenn Heussaff says she feels pressured about maintaining her figure, especially since she is working with other sexy ladies in Encantadia 2016.

“Part of the job pero mas nakaka-pressure sa kanila kasi kita ang tiyan,” said Solenn while pointing at Rochelle Pangilinan who was seated beside her.

How different is it for Solenn now that she is married to Nico Bolzico?

“Back to work naman ako. I was working before I left and nung bumalik ako. Walang change."

How does her husband Nico Bolzico feel about her sexy outfits on Encantadia?

“Si Nico alam niya na when he met me ganito na ako, na mahilig akong magpakita ng balat. Sanay naman siya."

When do they plan to have their own children?

“Not any time soon. Baka when I'm 33,” said the actress who is now 30 years old.

Is Nico willing to wait three years for them to have their own kids?

“Wala siyang choice. Katawan ko ito!” she said with a laugh.

“Isang boy, isang girl sana,” she added.

Do they already have plans for their honeymoon?

“Wala pang plano for now. I just want to work.

“In the future, kapag naging pregnant ako, dun na lang ako magbakasyon.”

Even though they are married, Solenn says her husband does not impose limits on her.

“Work is work. Kung ano ang gusto kong gawin, gagawin ko.

“Wala siyang say pero hindi rin siya ang type na magtatanong, 'Why are you doing this?'

“Hindi kami nag-uusap masyado tungkol sa trabaho.

“Super liberated siya like me.”

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