Jessy Mendiola on Luis Manzano: "He protects me."

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Jessy Mendiola: "Some people are saying na parang if I wasn't caught in a bad issue, hindi magigising ang mga bashers ngayon. But bashing is still bashing."

True, Jessy Mendiola was elated about her FHM Sexiest title.

Didn’t she say, “Hell yeah, I’m the sexiest woman,” during the victory party?

The remark earned her a barrage of negative comments.

But Jessy, whom (Philippine Entertainment Portal) recently interviewed at the HOOQ Hangouts launch, seemed unperturbed.

Clad in a black shirt and denim shorts, she wasn’t shy in admitting, “Kumain ako ng marami,” when we asked about her vital statistics.

We told her: “Some Netizens are saying you are mataba, pero hindi naman.”

Jessy said, “My weight is actually normal. But I work out because I wanna be strong.

“May sexy na skinny, may sexy na strong. I’m the latter.”

The bashing obviously did not succeed in bursting her bubble.

Now that the issue had died down, one of her realizations was: Not all people can take a joke.

“…Yung part na I cracked a joke about Pia [Wurtzbach] about being confidently sexy with a heart.


“It was all a joke kasi.

“Parang for me kasi, what I meant was yung treatment nila [FHM] with me was overwhelming.

“So parang grabe, talo ko pa si Pia sa sobrang pag-greet nila [crowd during victory [=party] sa akin that night…

“But obviously, ang dami daming hindi nakaintindi yung humor na yun at yung punchline na yun.”

Didn’t the bashing have anything to do Angel Locsin’s fans, who have also been accusing her of being the third party in Angel’s breakup with Luis Manzano?

She paused, then replied, “Some people are saying na parang if I wasn’t caught in a bad issue, hindi magigising ang mga bashers ngayon.

“But bashing is still bashing. So maybe fans ni ganito or ni ganyan or galing sa ibang issue, bashing pa din, e.”

But she doesn’t get really affected because she doesn’t look at the notifications or comments on her social media accounts.

“Honestly, I don’t. I stay out of the social media for now.”

Then, she added, “Pero si Luis kasi, siya yung nagre-react, e. Siya yung pumapatol kaya natatawa ako.

“He protects me.”

SOCIAL MEDIA CULTURE. On the Internet, people would argue, debate, resort to name-calling, to think they’ve never met each other.

Jessy remarked, “These days kasi parang ang main goal ng bawat tao ay sirain ang isa’t isa.

“Wala, e. I just wish with our society right now, girls would just stop competing with each other. Girls would just stop, not necessarily body shape, I just hope girls would help each other, um, bring each other up.”


Winning the title despite her curvy body type is supposed to redefine the word “sexy,” which has been associated with thin and slim ladies.

Jessy continued, “Kumbaga yung self-esteem ng isa, bakit hindi natin sila bigyan ng confidence?

“Or yung isa, if insecure siya sa body niya, the way she looks, bakit hindi natin siya tulungan?

“We talk about kung paano aangat ang Pilipinas or like change is coming…But all we do is hate, all we do is nanglalait ng iba.

“Bakit hindi na lang tayo maging masaya doon sa isa?

“I swear to God, ayaw ko ng nilalait, kasi I always think about first self-worth before I say something…”

CHILDREN SEE THE HATRED. She reminded that the younger generation has access to the Net.

Jessy said, “Sana, people in social media, they’d think first about what they comment or type…

“It’s so obvious that younger generations are very open to social media, like Twitter, they’re as young as 10 years old.

“And the language they [bashers] use, sobrang lala.

“So para sa akin, why don’t we set an example to other people? Help each other up than pulling each other down?

“Pansin ko kasi yun yung nangyayari sa atin ngayon, e.”





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