Tricia Centenera doesn't believe in filtering social-media posts: "Just don't read my Twitter."

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Tricia Centenera: "My saying is be firm but be kind. Be fair. I'll always be honest, I'll always tell the truth."

Tricia Centenera has made a name as host, fashion blogger, and model.

She became more known when she married Gab Valenciano, son of Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano.

They were wedded three times, each a celebration and affirmation of their happy union.

However, their marriage disintegrated after two years.

Their breakup earlier this year was mired in controversy, with Tricia herself exposing Gab as a cheating husband.

Rumors of money issues also sprang.

Bashers had a field day slamming Tricia, who conducted herself pretty well through it all.

She showed she was above it all and looked down triumphantly.

While every girl can learn a thing or two from her on how to deal with a soured relationship, Tricia herself was the first to reject the idea that she is the epitome of girl power.

She said, "I take it as a very big compliment, but I’m not trying to be somebody that I’m not.

"I’m not trying to be somebody who inspires people, it just kind of happened along the way.

"But it’s nice," she related during her appearance at the GUESS Fall 2016 Collection Launch held at The Brewery at The Palace in Bonifacio Global City last Thursday, October 12.

FRANKLY SPEAKING. She admitted being too candid for her own good about what's happening in her life, but she’s just being true to herself.

According to her, she gets advice from veterans in the entertainment industry to filter her postings in social media because, as it is, she is prone to bashing.


But Tricia remains firm in her belief in honest expression, regardless of what others think.

"I think to myself, if you think I should filter, well, maybe just don’t read my Twitter.

"It’s as simple as that in the nicest way possible."

She added, “I know that I’m not an offensive person, I know that I’m not targeting anyone in particular.

"A lot of times, the things that I write on Twitter are things that are happening to me right now.

"This is how I feel, don’t take offense.

"I’m not gonna apologize for being myself."

She related that she deals with her detractors the best way she could.

"My saying is be firm but be kind, be fair.

"I’ll always be honest, I’ll always tell the truth.

"The truth hurts, it really does, but [it’s] much better than lying about something.

"The truth will always come out in the end, always does.

"I think if you become true to yourself--whether it’s to be true to your style, to who you are as a person, to your faith--if you become true to yourself, how can you go wrong?"





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