Baron Geisler calls Ping Medina a "rapist"; issues dangerous threats

IMAGE @barongeisler on Instagram / Screengrab from Facebook

After apologizing to Ping Medina and the PAMI for the urination scene controversy, Baron Geisler goes on the offensive. He accuses Ping of being a "rapist," flooding Ping's Facebook post with threats.


Baron Geisler has just tagged Ping a "rapist" in a Facebook post.

After issuing his apologies to former co-actor Ping Medina, director Arlyn dela Cruz, and the Professional Artists Managers. Inc. (PAMI) for the unscripted urination scene for the indie film Bubog, Baron continues to stir controversy.

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On December 2, Ping wrote a Facebook post sharing Direk Arlyn's final decision to recast Ping and Baron's roles in the film.

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Written in support of the director's decision and expressing his hope that people move on from the incident, Ping's Facebook post has since been deleted. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) captured it: "Maybe we could've prevented it.

"Maybe my director could've stood behind the camera to watch the whole scene unfold.

"Maybe I shouldn't have suggested they tie up my hands behind my back for real, to make it feel realistic for me.

"Maybe we underestimated how much the ego loves to seek attention.

"These are all maybe's now.

"The important thing is to prevent something like this from happening again.

"I will stand by direk Dela Cruz Arlyn until the very end.

"To end all misguided speculation and useless controversy, direk and I have decided to recast my role and reshoot all scenes to give me time to heal and rest. We are in the process of moving on."

On December 3, the same night Baron faced (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters with his apology, the actor flooded Ping's December 2 Facebook post with accusations.

His top comment read, "You raped many girls."

This was followed by the comment, "Rapist ka daw."

Subsequent comments challenged Ping and began threatening him: "Wanna play games I lay the truth. Watchout. Ex ko binalahura iyo She and others will testify.


"Tama na yabang. Wala manali dito. You will regret."

Baron claimed to have possession of sensitive photos that could land Ping in jail: "I will show the world tungkol sa partnership nyo. You know what I mean. I still have pics. Jail time abot nyo.

"Ngayon.... sino si satanas. Huminga ka ngayon. Cge cge lamang.

"You and your god knows this. Secret na. Contacted your victims. Nakakaiyak. Game.

"Not for you and me. Katotohanan lamang.

"Justice will be served."





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