Iya Villania allows husband Drew Arellano to admire other women

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While he's confident about being a loyal husband to Iya Villania, Drew Arellano says there's nothing wrong with admiring other women from afar. He elaborated, "Alam mo, kahit may asawa ka, kapag nakakita ka ng isang magandang babae, 'Uy, Love, ok 'yan. Sexy, o!' We're very vocal about it. Lalo na sa social media, sa Instagram ang dami, you check out different pictures. 'Uy sino 'to? Sexy!'"

Drew Arellano, 36, said he’s happily married to wife Iya Villania, 30, and has never been tempted to be with another woman.

“Nate-tempt? We're married already. We have Primo,” said Drew, referring to their four-month-old baby Antonio Primo.

Iya joined in, “And we have every reason to continue loving each other.

"Parang, with the kind of life that we have now, why would we ruin it?”

She said they don’t even think about celebrity marriages that failed because of a third party.

But, for the record, Drew let on that admiring a sexy woman other than his wife is acceptable.

“We’re very vocal about it," he said, explaining, “kahit may asawa ka, kapag nakakita ka ng isang magandang babae, ‘Uy, Love, ok ‘yan. Sexy!’

“Lalo na sa social media, sa Instagram ang dami, check out different pictures. ‘Uy, sino ‘to? Sexy!’”

Iya elaborated, “You know how to appreciate. ‘Uy, ang ganda ng katawan niya!’ Kesa 'tinatago pa niya.

“Pati ako, ‘Wow, sexy niya.’ Ako na magsasabi, ‘Ang ganda niya, ha.’”

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed Drew and Iya today, January 6, at the GMA Network Center, after the presscon for People Vs. The Stars, the upcoming game show they are hosting.

MINOR FIGHTS. The married couple said that they have yet to have their major fight.

Drew related that they deal with their “tampuhan” in a “civil manner,” which means no yelling at each other.

As a couple, are they confrontational or do they let things cool down before threshing things out?

Iya answered, “Iba-iba. Minsan silent treatment.”

For his part, Drew admitted, “Ako, usually confrontational.

"Siya malalaman ko na lang, 'Uh-oh! Silent treatment.'”

While they are both “madaldal” by nature, Iya said that she avoids being a nagger.

“Hindi ako matalak, kasi ayaw ko yung meron akong masabi na pagsisihan ko.


"Kaya actually, ang atake ko sa pag-deal ng mga problema namin, mas sinusulat ko.”

To which Drew simply remarked, “Wow!”

Ever mischievous, Drew revealed that he also benefited from Iya's pregnancy, referring to her bigger-cup size.

The 36-year-old TV host remarked, “Nagbago yun! Nagugulat ako kung minsan, e.

"Paggising ko, ‘O, sino kasama ko dito? Asawa ko pala.”

For her part, Iya said that she feels truly blessed with Drew and her happy family life.

“Ang na-discover ko, kaya mo pa pala mahalin ang isang tao nang higit pa,” she beamed.





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