Fashion designer Kristel Yulo to file formal complaint against Miss Universe Organization

IMAGE From Kristel Yulo's Facebook account / Allan Sancon

Fashion designer Kristel Yulo (left) created a blue woven gown for Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were (right) to wear for the National Gift Auction runway show. Much to the designer's shock, Miss Kenya walked the runaway in another designer's gown (seen here) and discovered that her dress was not going to be used for the show at all.

Fashion designer Kristel Yulo plans to file a formal complaint against the Miss Universe Organization (MOU) after the “injustice” she experienced during the National Gift Auction runway show.

The 86 Miss Universe 2016 candidates showcased the designs of 86 Filipino designers during the Miss Universe 2016 National Gift Auction charity event held at Conrad Manila on January 23.

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One of the local designers who was set to be part of the night’s roster was Kristel Yulo.

Kristel created a blue-woven gown for Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were, and teased the public with glimpses of the design on her Instagram account.

Everything appeared to be going on track.

Despite some changes with the process, the dress made it to the event.

Kristel and her seamstress waited patiently in the holding area for updates about the dress.

When the organizers signaled the designer twice that the dress was good for the show, Kristel sent her seamstress home and joined her fellow designers in the ballroom.

Waiting in anticipation to see her creation onstage, the designer was shocked to see that Miss Kenya didn’t wear her design and walked the runway in a Mikee Andrei creation instead.

(Left) Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were in Mikee Andrei; Kristel Yulo's blue woven gown for Miss Kenya

Thinking that her dress had just been swapped with another candidate, the designer waited until the end of the show.

But her gown did not make an appearance at all.

Kristel aired her dismay through a Facebook post.

She wrote, “When Miss Kenya posted your design on Instagram for the Miss Universe benefit fashion show... and you're just trying to make sense why she did not end up wearing it.

“As directed, we waited for hours if any rectification was needed but no call came. They didn't even have the decency to tell me they swapped my dress out.”


In her post, Kristel narrated what had happened at the holding area.

“My senior seamstress/patternmaker and I waited for three hours in the holding area just in case.

“I asked several times about the status of our gown for Miss Kenya.

“Finally, I was even given the thumbs up sign TWICE that my candidate was okay - the gentleman in charge who was on the phone with the backstage team actually said, ‘Kristel Yulo right? Miss Kenya is okay.’

“My heart breaks for my staff who dedicated their best efforts and sacrificed their personal time to make this piece.”

Read her post here:

NO DECENCY. In an interview with, Kristel revealed that only the event’s point person reached out to her to apologize for the incident.

The apology was done via SMS.

In hopes to shed some light on the incident, Kristel had reached out to Miss Kenya to understand what might have happened backstage.

According to Kristel, the Miss Universe 2016 delegate told her that the gown was “too big” for for her to wear and “there was no time to fix the dress.”

To make matters worse, Miss Kenya was actually informed that Kristel wasn’t coming to the fitting.

Kristel expressed her dismay to Preview, “They (the organizers) knew that she wouldn't be coming out on stage with my design. They had enough time to change the name of the designer for her walk, so they should have had enough time to notify me.

“That would have been the decent thing to do at this point, instead of me having to watch her come out in a different gown in the company of my peers."





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