Pia Wurtzbach on Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere: "We really chose a deserving winner."

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Pia Wurtzbach on lesson she learned as Miss Universe: "I've made mistakes but I'm still a student and I'm learning as I go along, and I'm still gonna be learning."

Ayon kay Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, deserving ang kinoronahang bagong Miss Universe na si Iris Mittenaere ng France.

“I’m very happy with the results.

"I’ve observed the candidates over the past almost three weeks that they’ve been here, and I know that we really chose a deserving winner.

“That’s why I’m very much at ease passing on my crown because I know it will go to a very much-deserving winner,” pahayag ng Pinay beauty queen.

Ito ay sa panayam sa kanya ng media pagkatapos ng Miss Universe 2016 coronation kaninang umaga, January 30.

Natanong din si Pia kung ano ang malaking natutunan niya sa isang taon niyang pagiging Miss Universe.

Mabilis niyang tugon, “Even if you feel like you’ve achieved the peak of your life already, or the peak of your career, you’re still a student and there’s still much to learn.”

Dugtong ng beauty queen, isa lamang siyang ordinaryong tao sa likod ng kanyang pagiging beauty queen.

“I’m not the perfect Miss Universe, no way am I the perfect Miss Universe.

“I’ve made mistakes, but I’m still a student and I’m learning as I go along, and I’m still gonna be learning.

“That’s what I want people to know, is that there’s no way that when you look at us on TV and you think that we’re the perfect, the perfect woman, it’s not the case.

"We’re still learning and we’re still learning about [ourselves], just like how you are."

Samantala, kahit tapos na ang kanyang reign, masayang ibinalita ni Pia na patuloy pa rin siyang magkakaroon ng commitment sa WME/IMG, ang American talent agency na may-ari ng Miss Universe Organization.

“I’ll still be working closely with Miss Universe, thankfully, because I’m gonna miss them very much.


“But I’m very glad that they found interest in me, and IMG very recently absorbed me into their team, so I’m going to be working with them.

“I don’t really feel like it’s the end of a reign, more like the beginning of a new chapter.”





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