Dayanara Torres and Sushmita Sen on why Miss France won Miss Universe 2016

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Former Miss Universe winners and Miss Universe 2016 judges Dayanara Torres (left) and Sushmita Sen (right) reveal the reasons why the chose Miss France Iris Mittenaere as the new Miss Universe.

Why did Miss France Iris Mittenaere win Miss Universe 2016?

Dayanara Torres and Sushmita Sen probably have the best answers for that question.

Aside from being former Miss Universe winners, Dayanara and Sushmita were also judges at the recently-concluded Miss Universe 2016 grand coronation.

Dayanara won Miss Universe in 1993, and she relinquished the crown to Sushmita the following year.

Talking to ABS-CBN reporter Dyan Castillejo, Dayanara pointed out the quality that made Miss France stand out during the competition.

“In the end, personality had a whole lot to do with it,” the Puerto Rican beauty said.

Dayanara also stressed that she and the other judges were looking for a beauty queen who will represent the Miss Universe Organization.

She said, “When you arrive at an event where the Miss Universe is going to be, you want to find a person that's accessible and not just a robot or with an attitude. You don't want that.

“You want somebody that's more human and who's going to touch other people. Because when they talk, people are going to listen.”

SUSHMITA SEN. Sushmita, on the other hand, was impressed by the 24-year-old French beauty queen's very personal answer in the final question-and-answer round.

In the final round, the Top 3 finalists—Miss France, Miss Haiti Raquel Pellisier, and Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar—were asked about the biggest failure they had in their life and what lesson they learned from that experience.

Miss France related her failed first try to get in a medical school.

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According to Sushmita, Iris instantly became her top pick because she gave a “very specific and very lovely answer.”

The first Miss Universe from India also noted, “Miss France had this incredible accent.

“She couldn’t speak English properly but we liked the fact that she expressed herself very well, she answered the question directly and the fact that she is a new role model for women who are beautiful.”


When asked for an advice for the newly-crowned Miss Universe, Sushmita replied, “Keep it real. There will be a lot of pressure to become a Barbie doll.

“Keep it real. People love beauty that is approachable and that can impact lives and inspire people for a very long time.”

PIA WURTZBACH. Shortly after the pageant, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach expressed her satisfaction with the result of the pageant.

She also congratulated Miss France for winning the Miss Universe crown.





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