Jim Paredes confronts Duterte supporters at EDSA anniversary rally

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Jim Paredes confronted a group of young Duterte supporters during the 31st anniversary of People Power at the EDSA Shrine yesterday, February 25: "He even told the citizens, papatayin niya ang mga adik. Sabi niya sa mga pulis, 'Pag walang baril, mag-iwan kayo ng baril.' Hindi niyo nadidinig yun? Total denial ba kayo? Wake up! Pilipino tayo!"

Singer Jim Paredes confronted a group of young supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte who went to the 31st anniversary celebration of the People Power Revolution along EDSA yesterday, February 25.

Based on a video posted on Duterte Official YouTube channel, the OPM stalwart and former member of the Apo Hiking Society attempted to engage “Duterte Youth” members in a debate about their "deluded" support for a president who is supposedly “responsible for 7,000 deaths” in the country.

Jim asked an unnamed Duterte Youth member, “Look at me. You can't even look. Duwag!”

Speaking to another Duterte Youth member, Jim said: “Look at me. Now tell me. Gusto mo ba si Duterte?”

The guy wearing a cap and reading glasses answered, “Of course.”

Jim asked again, “He’s not responsible for 7,000 deaths?”

The same guy answered, “Still being investigated.”

Jim firmly retorted, “Ok, great! Lie to yourself!

“You’re an intelligent guy? But you know what? Hindi mo matanggap na talagang deluded ka.”

Jim was referring to the Philippine National Police’s report that 7,080 people were killed due to incidents linked to the “war on drugs” from “July 1, 2016” to “January 31, 2017.”

DUTERTE SUPPORTERS IN DENIAL? A staunch Duterte critic, Jim berated the Duterte Youth members about the president’s all-out war against illegal drugs without going through due process.

Jim said, “Did you believe people can just be killed before Duterte won? Of course not!

“So why do you believe now that they can do it? He even said so.

“He even told the citizens, papatayin niya ang mga adik. Sabi niya sa mga pulis, 'Pag walang baril, mag-iwan kayo ng baril.’


“Hindi niyo nadidinig yun? Total denial ba kayo? Even if the total denial of truth, that’s what he says.

"Wake up! Pilipino tayo!"

When the Duterte Youth members remained silent, Jim added, “You’re going to die for a lie? Deny your conscience? For what? For this megalomaniac? Think. My gosh!”

WHAT IS TRUTH? At one point, the guy wearing a cap and reading glasses asked if Jim is a Filipino citizen.

When Jim confirmed that he is a Filipino citizen, the guy asked, “Why are there issues that you are Filipino-Australian?”

Jim heatedly replied, “Because they are inventing it! I have two citizenships: Filipino and senior.”

The singer further grilled the Duterte Youth members with questions about their perception of truth.

Jim lamented, “What is truth? Imbento ng troll naniniwala kayo? Naniniwala kayo dahil kakampi niyo?

“No! Truth is truth whether it hurts you or it hurts me. No amount of lying can change anything.

“You guys say Australian citizen si Jim. Hindi niyo ba alam na mali kayo?

“And yet you insist and insist and insist, hanggang sa maniwala kayo na totoo. What is wrong with your thinking?”

COMMOTION. During the latter part of Jim’s tirades, he asked the Duterte Youth group: “Are you paid to do this? Are you?”

A brief commotion ensued shortly after when some bystanders protested against the Duterte Youth group’s presence at the EDSA gathering.

Some of the bystanders were heard saying, “Bakit hindi kayo pumunta ng Luneta? Bakit nandito kayo? Wala kayong bilang dito. Nambabastos kayo? Layas!”


Several policemen then dispersed the crowd and escorted the Duterte Youth Group away from the crowd to prevent any mishap.

As of press time, the YouTube video below has garnered 200,000 views.

ACT OF BULLYING? In his series of Twitter posts today, Jim responded to netizens accusing him of bullying the Duterte Youth group during the EDSA gathering.
The veteran singer also posted an earlier statement, saying he was just exercising his "right to engage in debate."
Jim added, "None of them could argue. They tried but were incoherent and repeated troll arguments." 
The veteran singer also posted a photo of the Duterte Youth group member whom he spoke with at the EDSA rally.





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