Miss Universe-Canada Siera Bearchell laughs off claims that she promotes obesity

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Miss Universe-Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell has become the voice of indignation over body shaming after being criticized for her not-so-skinny physique. 

Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell finds it funny to be perceived as promoting obesity.

In a recent article on www.elle.com, Siera revealed that while she received positive comments for standing up for plus-size women, she was “blown away” by negative comments made by others. 

"[T]hey'll tell me I am promoting obesity and all kinds of crazy things," she told Elle.

The beauty queen, who made it to the Top 9 in the 65th Miss Universe pageant held in the country in January, returned to the Philippines last week for the opening of Tim Hortons in Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City, the first in Southeast Asia of the popular Canadian coffee chain.

During the event last Friday, February 24, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Siera for her statement regarding the issue.

“I’m certainly not promoting obesity," she replied.

"That’s ridiculous. If anything that I’m promoting, it’s being healthy, being comfortable confidence.”

The 24-year-old Canadian beauty made it in the news during the Miss Universe season in January when she posted on Instagram about being criticized for her not-so-skinny weight and targeted for body-shaming.

Siera fought back and became the voice of indignation in social media in behalf as well of women who have been victimized by body-shaming.

Her message: “I’m always promoting being comfortable with who you are, being confident in your own skin, because we live in a world that profits from our insecurities and tries us to be something that we’re not, so being comfortable of who you are is so important.”

For women who have low self-esteem, she advised, “Focus on the things you love about yourself.

"We live in a society that wants us to focus on what we wanna change, so what do we love, what do we like about ourselves, and that is what’s the most important.”


Siera is set to leave the country early this week, but revealed she will be back soon.

She said that she hopes to explore Boracay and Cebu on her return.

Asked what she missed about the Philippines, Siera said, “The people. I’m so happy that you guys are so welcoming, so kind and I feel like I’m at home.”  

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