Jasmine Curtis-Smith admits she cried over engagement of sister Anne and Erwan Heussaff

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith on settling down: "I'm so young. My relationship is very new. It's not something I should ever plan ahead of time kasi hindi ko naman alam kung kelan yun mangyayari, and it's really not up to me yet."

Fans are probably excited to know more about the details of Anne Curtis’s wedding, but at this point, details are quite sketchy.

Even Anne’s sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, is still not sure how the big day will pan out.

Fresh from her two-month Australian vacation, the 22-year-old Jasmine was visibly happy to see bloggers and journalists for the back-to-back press conference of 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten and Baka Bukas.

Jasmine stars in the latter film, where she plays a lesbian twenty-something in love with her best friend.

While Jasmine was passionate in speaking about her movie, she was also open to talking about her sister’s wedding to chef-blogger Erwan Heussaff.

Jasmine is not aware if a wedding date has been finalized, where it will be held, as well as her role on the day itself.

What she’s sure of though is a feeling of sheer happiness for her sister, whom she adores.

She first learned about the impending engagement from Erwan, who asked for her family’s permission before proposing to Anne.

She was so happy that she ended up crying.

Jasmine admits, “For any little sister, matutuwa sila, maiiyak din sila. My parents, umiyak din sila.”

The engagement, from Jasmine’s perspective, would lift the pressure off her sister’s shoulders.

She said that Anne has been getting numerous questions about her marriage plans since she and Erwan started dating, from fans, members of the press, and “everyone she encounters.”

While her sister didn’t voice her annoyance, Jasmine can tell that Anne wasn’t comfortable being at the receiving end of such questions.


“That really pressures a woman in society,” she says.

“Parang, ‘Teka lang, why are you all waiting for that day? I’m successful right now, I’m still working very hard.’

“Nakaka-pressure talaga yun.

“Yun lang ba't ako naiyak kasi the pressure that people put on her, natanggal na.”

She doesn’t expect that Anne will have less time for their family after her sister gets married. Family has always been her sister’s priority.

Jasmine says, “Ganun naman siyang tipo ng ate. I don’t think much will change [after she gets married].”

In the first place, the relationship didn’t change her sister in anyway.

It did however happen during a time when her sister was making a stronger mark in the business.

As with any relationship though, Jasmine said Erwan gave Anne a different way of seeing the world, a new perspective to see life.

She says, “Na-enjoy naman niya yung company ni Erwan. We’re very happy [they’re getting married].”

Do people ask her when she's getting married?

The actress, who is now in a relationship with Jeff Ortega, answered, "People ask but it’s so funny.

"I’m so young. My relationship is very new.

"It’s not something I should ever plan ahead of time kasi hindi ko naman alam kung kelan yun mangyayari, and it's really not up to me yet.

"I’m so young, it’s my sister’s time.

"I don’t think maaasar ako when I feel the pressure that she felt."






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