Baste Duterte on overlapping relationships: "Faithful naman ako, hindi lang loyal."

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Presidential son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte clarified that he has been fair regarding his relationships with both Kate Necesario and Ellen Adarna. When asked if faithfulness is not one of his traits, he answered, "Faithful naman ako, hindi lang loyal."

Presidential son Sebastian "Baste" Duterte revealed that both Ellen Adarna and Kate Necesario knew about their unusual set-up.

He admitted this during an interview with Luchi Cruz-Valdes in TV5’s late-night talk show Reaksyon, which was also published on TV5’s Facebook page last March 3.

According to Baste, he has accepted the reality that the public will be privy about his personal relationships, most especially now that he is a public figure.

“Wala rin naman akong magagawa, ito na yung buhay ko,” he said.

The youngest son of President Rodrigo Duterte also welcomed questions about his overlapping relationship with Kate and Ellen.

Baste then disclosed that both women agreed with the set-up.

“Sila yung nag-work dun, e. Alam nila, e. Alam nilang dalawa.

“E, pumayag naman sila, anong magagawa ko?

“Sinabi ko naman, naging honest naman ako pareho.

“Pero yung kasama ko lang talaga na later on na sinabi ko.”

Luchi then asked him: “But how does that excuse you, I guess?”

Baste jokingly answered, “Siguro, na anak ako ng presidente?”

But he immediately explained, “Hindi! Ganun lang talaga, e.

“Fair naman ako kasi, kung sabi ko naman sa girlfriend ko, ‘Kung ayaw mo ito, we can talk this out kung anong mangyayari sa atin.’

“E, yun naman. That’s the same thing I did with Ellen, I was open na may girlfriend ako.

“Ewan ko sa kanila, sa kanilang dalawa yun.”

He also clarified that he and Ellen are not together anymore.

“Pero tapos na kami ni Ellen, wala na yun.”

Luchi then pointed out that faithfulness might not be one of Baste’s traits.

However, Baste exclaimed, “Faithful naman ako, hindi lang loyal!”

The 28-year-old personality then said, “Faithful din naman ako na, someday, makakatuluyan ko na may makakasama akong babae. That’s faithfulness.

“Pero kung loyal, hindi ko alam.”


According to him, he also made it clear to Kate that he is not yet ready to get married.

“Wala pa naman yun, open din naman ako sa girlfriend ko na sinabi ko sa kanya na hindi pa ako [ready].”

How did the President react to Baste’s relationships?

“Wala naman siyang sinabi. Ayun na nga, umuwi lang daw ako,” he said in jest.

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In Cosmopolitan’s March 2017 issue, Ellen revealed that she “deserved” better than the kind of relationship she had with Baste.

The ABS-CBN actress also said in a previous interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that her relationship with Baste lasted for eight months.

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In a separate interview with News5 reporter MJ Marfori, Baste said that he has a girlfriend for four years now. However, he did not reveal the name of the girl.

Baste has two children out of wedlock: one with Kate and one from a previous relationship.





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