Bianca Gonzalez on bashers: "You have to say your piece to put them in their place."

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Bianca Gonzalez on dealing with bashers: "I definitely choose my battles. But if I feel I wanna say something, I always say it in a very civil way. Hindi naman din ako yung type na makikipag-away, because there's no reason to naman."

Bianca Gonzalez admitted that she has yet to master the art of dealing with bashers on social media.

She explained, “If they message you and you don’t address them, they’ll just keep on bashing you. They’ll say what they want and make up stories about you.

“The moment you answer them, even in a civil way, sasabihin, ‘Hmp! Patol naman ‘to. Dapat hindi ka na pumapatol tulad ni ganito, ni ganyan.’

“So, it’s really a lose-lose situation with them.”

While some would think that the worst criticism hurled against Bianca was the one involving her daughter Lucia, the 33-year-old TV host that it doesn’t really affect her that much.

“Hindi ko alam kung namanhid na ako.

“Others would say it hurts kapag about their kids or about family.

“But me, nasa-shock ako na may ganung comment about my family na negative or my child na negative.


“But more than getting hurt, ang initial reaction ko, naaawa ako dun sa taong nag-post ng ganun.

“Kasi anong pinagdadaanan mo sa buhay mo para mam-bash ka nang walang kamuwang-muwang sa buhay?”

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CHOOSING HER BATTLES. Bianca admitted that she’s “opinionated” and “vocal” by nature, which is why she can’t help but respond to some bashers, especially the ones with “below-the-belt” comments.

She elaborated, “I definitely choose my battles.

"But if I feel I wanna say something, I always say it in a very civil way.

"Hindi naman din ako yung type na makikipag-away, because there’s no reason to naman.

“Everyone says ignore na lang ‘yan.


“But for me—sometimes lang naman—you have to say your piece to put them in their place also.”

Bianca further said that her husband JC Intal is the one who worries about her being too vocal on social media.

“Minsan meron siyang mga bashers na gusto niyang sagutin.

"Ako ang number one na nagsasabi, ‘Don’t. Alam mo, mas matutuwa lang sila pag in-answer mo sila.’

“Kaya when I am about to answer a basher, sasabihin niya, ‘O, sinabi mo sa akin ‘wag silang pansinin. Bakit ka nagre-reply?’

“He can shrug it off better than I do.”

Surprisingly, Bianca said that she easily gets hurt when bashers criticize her work.

“It hurts the most, but I appreciate it the most kasi siyempre yun yung kukunin ko to try to be better.

“Yun nga, parang akala ko binigay ko na yung best ko, hindi pa pala. So, yun for me ang masakit than others.


“Yung iba kasi parang wala lang magawa. But yung iba, tagos, kasi tama siya, dapat gawin ko ‘to.”


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