World's Hottest Math Teacher Pietro Boselli looks forward to meeting Ellen Adarna

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Italian engineer/model Pietro Boselli wants to meet Ellen Adarna, whom he saw on the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

Pietro Boselli, aka the "World's Hottest Math Teacher," was charmed a by Filipina beauty!

The 28-year-old model, who holds a PhD in Engineering, was asked during his press conference on Sunday, March 12, in Shangrila at The Fort, if he has seen a Filipina whom he finds very attractive.

Without batting an eyelash, Pietro said that he saw a beautiful Pinay on the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

He even remembered her name: "Ellen Adarna."

Danel Louise Calixto of W Talent Management posted a video of Pietro on Instagram where he expressed his interest to meet the Kapamilya actress while he's in the country.

Pietro said, "I just wanted to say to Ellen that what I said at the press conference is true.

"I did see your picture, and I thought you were really beautiful.

"So that wasn't a planted answer at all.

"And I'm really looking forward to meeting. I don't know why they haven't introduced us yet."

The following day, Pietro's invitation got a response from Ellen, who also uploaded a video where she said, "Hi, Pietro! I saw your interview and I realized, all of a sudden, that I love math!"

She continued, "Anyway, I can't wait to see you, and I will make time for you. Charot! Sabe!"

Pietro was launched as the face of Bench Body at the finale of Bench Fashion Week on March 12.

He will have a meet-and-greet session with his Filipino fans in Davao City later today, Tuesday, March 14.





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