Kris Aquino meets her Hollywood agent in LA; keeps mum about international movie stint

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Kris Aquino about keeping mum: "Obeying the request of @agentchrislee, believing in the wisdom of @nix722, and for the peaceful hearts of my sisters. #challengeaccepted." Kris is shown during her lunch meeting with her Hollywood agent, Chris Lee, today, April 17 (Philippine time).

Kris Aquino now has a Hollywood agent.

A day after her arrival in Los Angeles, Kris sat down with Chris Lee, a partner at East West Artists, the Los Angeles-based talent management company.

Chris is now Kris's Hollywood agent.

The two met to discuss plans about Kris's forthcoming and still officially unnamed international project.

At five in the morning today, April 17 (Philippine time), Kris posted on her Instagram story a video clip of a lunch meeting with Chris.

A cheerful Kris asked Chris, "So, we're talking about business?"

He answered, "Lots of it."

After two hours, Kris shared a group photo showing her with the Hollywood agent and her son Bimby.

The caption read: "I am now being managed globally by East West Artists headquartered in Los Angeles...

"My entertainment career will be under the direct supervision of one of their partners, @agentchrislee. #NewBlessing #NewJourney"

However, Kris has refrained from posting any update about her much-speculated first acting role in a Hollywood movie.


(Her promised exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) has also been put on hold.—Ed.)

In a separate post, the Queen of All Media announced that she has decided to "work in silence," for now.

Elaborating, she said: "Obeying the request of @agentchrislee, believing in the wisdom of @nix722, and for the peaceful hearts of my sisters. #challengeaccepted"

GUESSING GAME CONTINUES. While Kris vows temporary "silence," all of Manila is abuzz with speculation that she is being cast in Crazy Rich Asians, Warner Bros.' movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's bestselling novel of the same name.

The speculation is not unfounded. As early as April 6, in her own Instagram posts, Kris announced that she had auditioned for an "international project."

She added, however, that she needed to stay "absolutely tight-lipped" about it because of a "non-disclosure agreement."

Not to be daunted, her followers began picking up clues from her succeeding Instagram posts.

When she revealed that her vacation reading fare included Kevin Kwan's internationally known trilogy—Crazy Rich Asians (2013), China Rich Girlfriend (2015), and Rich People Problems (2017), netizens began speculating that this could be it. 

News had already broken that Warner Bros. was making a movie based on the first novel, Crazy Rich Asians, which landed on the New York Times's best-seller list and had become a huge hit among readers with a taste for reading about the lives of the ultra rich.

The speculation grew when, on April 12, Kris shared her excitement over getting a follow-back on Instagram from Kevin Kwan himself.


Last Sunday, April 15, the 46-year-old TV host-actress took to Instagram to announce that she had been offered a "participation" in a "big Hollywood studio movie."

Her announcement partly read: "I passed 5 levels of intense scrutiny and was offered a role.

"It is surreal to be reading the script from a major Hollywood studio watermarked on every page with my name.

"I signed a non disclosure agreement so until they reveal my participation I can't share any details about the movie & my role." 

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When the local media got into the act, the title Crazy Rich Asians was mentioned as the Hollywood movie where Kris will appear.

Although the reports all cited unnamed "sources," the speculation remains to this day.





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