Is Beauty Gonzalez getting married on May 6?

IMAGE Instagram photo of Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna excitedly posts a message to her soon-to-be-married friend Beauty Gonzalez: "Omg Omg Omg all our worries will be gone in 4 days, and I could not be happier for you."

Something seems afoot with the marriage plan of Beauty Gonzalez and her fiancé Norman Crisologo, the father of her one-year-old daughter.

In an interview at the press conference of the teleserye Pusong Ligaw, the actress had said she is getting married this year.

Beauty did not specify when this will happen, but hinted it might happen during the teleserye, which started airing recently.

“Baka hindi na ako makabalik sa taping,” she had said, another hint.

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Beauty Gonzalez on her showbiz comeback:
Beauty Gonzalez on her showbiz comeback: "Hindi ako sayang."

And then just yesterday, May 2, Beauty’s good friend and Kapamilya colleague Ellen Adarna posted a photo of them on Instagram with this caption:

“Omg Omg Omg all our worries will be gone in 4 days, and I could not be happier for you.”

Had Ellen just outed her friend about her wedding date?

The rest of her post read, “No more hoping for a better tomorrow!

“The heavens heard what you yearned for, and they will grant you the forever you desire—one which you rightfully deserve.”


Ellen even added in jest, “Now.. prayers for my [M]r. Right ahaha.”

Last week, too, Ellen and other friends of Beauty threw a bachelorette party for her.

Meanwhile, Beauty responded to Ellen's message to her, “In spite of how others may perceive you to be, I know that you have a great big and wonderful heart, big enough I know to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and all of us your friends in it!

“You never really needed a Mr. Right, but one will come anyway because you want one.”


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