Kris Aquino admits feeling the blues on Mother's Day

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Kris Aquino says in her resolve never to show any weakness, she has kept her hurts hidden at the expense of her health. That was her Mother's Day revelation.

Kris Aquino was feeling the blues on Mother’s Day.

Her post on Instagram last Sunday, May 14, read like she was unburdening hidden hurts and grievances that manifest in physical pain.

The Queen of All Media opened her post with an admission.

She wrote, “I never allowed myself to show I was hurt because that was weakness & why expose your wounds because then you're giving every enemy a weapon?”

She then described how her week had been, when she stressed over a “comeback opportunity” at the expense of her health.

The actress-TV host related, “This week was so tough- I pushed through with an important business meeting even if I wasn't physically okay because I wanted that 'comeback' opportunity so much that I ignored doctors' instructions.

“The next day because I showed up for that meeting I forced myself to do my scheduled taping because I didn't want those who gave me work feel they weren't prioritized.”


She said all that led to three days of migraine, “the worst I've ever had.

“Literally I couldn't get out of bed, I had ice packs round the clock & nothing eased the pain.

“… even ‘survivors’ get exhausted trying to hide their sadness.

“In my case what was emotional stress manifested as extreme physical pain.”

Kris concluded her online journal with a promise that she will be more open about her “quiet and personal life” in her weekly online videos called the #TheKrisList.

“Every Sunday you'll have fresh material for #TheKrisList but apart from that I'm giving my heart, my life- privacy & quiet. I owe Kuya & Bimb a Mom who isn't broken anymore, and on Mother's Day- I start this journey of becoming whole again.”


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