Lovi Poe denies live-in relationship with French boyfriend Chris Johnson

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Is Lovi Poe in favor of live-in relationships? The Kapuso actress said, "Not something that I talk about. I think, it's too early to be thinking about it."

Kapuso actress Lovi Poe denied speculations that she and French boyfriend Chris Johnson are now living under the same roof.

“Oh no, no, not at all!” she quipped.

“Well, nagkikita kami when I don't have work. But no, we're not.”

So it’s not true that Chris is now staying at her house?

Lovi said, “No, ang layo-layo niya sa akin.

“I live all the way in Quezon City. Siya, he lives all the way in South pa.”

The 28-year-old actress also denied claims that Chris is often seen at her house.

“No, how sure of you that's my house?” she said.

But Lovi admits that Chris often plays with her dog and cooks for her.

Is she in favor of a live-in relationship?

“Not something that I talk about. I think, it's too early to be thinking about it,” she replied.

When asked about the status of Chris in the Philippines, Lovi said, “No, it's hard. I don't wanna talk about it, kasi it's his life, e.


“But he's here na. That's all I can say.”

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spoke to Lovi at the grand launch of GMA-7’s new primetime series, Mulawin vs Ravena, held at Hive Hotel, in Quezon City, Monday, May 15.

KEEPING IT PRIVATE. Lovi told the press that, as much as possible, she wants to keep her love life private again.

She explained, “No, I mean, for a while, everything is just so open.

“Everything that we do is, like, something that broadcasted. 

“So now, it's something that I don't want to talk.

“Siguro personal choice na lang.

“I want to keep a few things to myself.”

Is being open affecting their relationship?

“No, hindi naman nakaka-affect,” she clarified.

“Ako naman, everything that I do is what I feel like doing.

“It’s never affected by any other [things].”

How is Chris's relationship to her mom Rowena Moran?

“They met naman, my mom likes him,” said the daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr.


SEA GODDESS. In Mulawin vs Ravena, Lovi plays Magindara, the goddess of the sea.

“I like my role kasi it's new and bagong character siya na ipinasok.

“And the best part is, palagi kong kasama si Ms. Regine Velasquez sa mga tapings, and I'm a Reginian.”

Regine’s role is Sandawa, the nature goddess and the keeper of Mt. Apo.

“Ako kasi ang naiwan sa kanya kasi hindi siya nagmahal ng mortal,” said Lovi about her character’s connection to Regine’s.

This is the first time that Lovi gets to work with the Asia’s Songbird.

“I'm really looking for us doing scenes together,” she excitedly said.


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