Matteo Guidicelli still not telling when he will propose to Sarah Geronimo

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Matteo Guidicelli reveals that at age 18, his plan was to get married at 27. He's at that age now, is he planning to propose to his girlfriend Sarah Geronimo? He replies, "Hindi ko pa alam, e. Actually, alam ko, pero secret na lang."

“Hashtag secret” is the standard reply of Matteo Guidicelli whenever he’s asked about his future plans with girlfriend Sarah Geronimo.

The actor-singer admitted that when he was younger, getting married at his age now was one of his life goals.

He said, “You know, when I was 18 years old, when I was 20, I said I wanna get married when I'm 27.

“I'm 27 now! We'll see… That's something private that I'd like to keep with me.

“Siyempre, I want to make a surprise to my partner and make it a surprise for myself.

“That day will come. And when that day comes, people will know.”

Matteo met with entertainment media on Tuesday, May 17, at the launch of his vlogs for Sun Life's latest campaign, “Make It Mutual.”

BUILDING GOALS. One of his vlogs on #relationshipgoals shows a wedding ring.

Is he planning a wedding proposal?

Matteo said, laughing, “Sana nga yung singsing na yun, akin na lang, 'no!


“Hindi ko pa alam, e. Actually, alam ko, pero secret na lang.

“We'll see. All these life goals are going to be realistic to me.

“They're something that I really want and, hopefully, achieve them in the future.”

Speaking of goals, has he figured out how much he has to save for his wedding?

Matteo replied in jest, “Kaya nga may mutual fund ako.”

But, seriously, he added, “Hindi ko pa alam. I-research ko pa. I have to research on that pa.

“I don't know how much I should set aside, we have to think about that pa.

“Pero siyempre, it has to be something realistic.”

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CLIMBING FROM ZERO. In pursuing his personal goals, Matteo points to his parents as his model and inspiration.

He said, “We're all planning that one day, we'd like to tie the knot and move on to the next chapter.

“Where we put up our own families and build our own homes with our children.


“That's the ladder that I wanna follow from how my parents raised me.

“Parang ngayon, I'd like to climb my own ladder, too, from zero.

“From how I started in showbiz up to today, I'd like to climb.

“Hopefully, all those life goals, I'll achieve them along the way.

“Sometimes, life takes you in different paths, doors open at a different angle.”

And with advice from people in the know, Matteo said confidently, “You eventually find your route.”

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