[ENGLISH] Kris Bernal shuts down boob-job rumors

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In a solo interview with PEP, Kris Bernal denied rumors that she went through a breast augmentation procedure. She said, "And alam naman natin, for ladies, may mga power bras na. May mga sports bra na with padding. May mga bra na naka-attach na silicon."

FHM Philippines May 2017 cover girl Kris Bernal denied speculations that she had her boobs cosmetologically enhanced to achieve a sexy physique.

The 28-year-old Kris said, “Siguro, for me, sometimes it’s just the angle, sometimes it’s just the type of clothes.”

Kris gave this statement following netizens’ queries about her sexy bikini posts on Instagram, particularly the one taken from her FHM shoot.

Speaking solely to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the Kapuso actress elaborated, “And alam naman natin, for ladies, may mga power bras na.

"May mga sports bra na with padding. May mga bra na naka-attach na silicon."

PEP asked to clarify if she’s referring to good-quality padded bras meant to push breasts upwards. 

Kris answered, “Oo, di ba, may ganong technology na ngayon?

"Siguro yun lang ang masasagot ko.

"Siguro I’m just one of those ladies na naggaganun din."

PEP caught up with Kris on the sidelines of her 28th birthday party, which was held at Karaoke Pop Family KTV in Cubao, Quezon City, today, May 18.


The Kapuso actress went on to say that her weight-gain training program actually helped her in naturally improving her physique.

“It’s workout also. Kasi ako, I have a trainer.

“So, kung ano yung mga points na kailangan i-enhance, yun ang winu-workout namin.

“More on legs, more on hips, kasi kailangan ko magka-balakang, kasi maliit yung bewang ko, e.

“And, yun nga, yung chest.”

NO EATING DISORDER. In a blogcon held prior to PEP's brief interview, Kris addressed netizens criticizing her for being too thin, with some bashers going as far as accusing her of being anorexic or bulimic.

"Kasi yun ang laging sinasabi sa akin, 'Kumain ka. Mag-buffet ka.'

"Isinusuka ko raw yung kinakain ko. Nagpapa-picture lang daw ako sa kinakain ko.

"Pero parang, paano niyo nasabi yun? Hindi niyo nga ako kasama palagi."


MESSAGE TO BASHERS. As much as she wants to respond to mean comments about her, Kris said that she'd rather do the right thing and respect other people's opinion.

"Ang sa akin lang, huwag niyo po siguro i-judge yung appearance by the picture, kasi sometimes mali ang angle.

"They don’t get to see me every day. They don’t get to be with me every second.

"So, they don’t know how much I eat also."

At the very least, Kris discovered that most of the below-the-belt comments come from bashers who don't even have real identities in their social media bio.

She added, "Ngayon nga, kapag nag-post na ako ng sexy na photo, alam ko na kung anong mangyayari, alam ko may magko-comment na naman ng 'Sobrang payat!'

"Sabi ko nga, mas kilala ko naman ang sarili ko."



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