Neil Arce to bashers of rumored GF Angel Locsin: "You are scum."

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Neil Arce has this to say to those who are bashing Angel Locsin: "I know there are still good people out there but you people bashing people who are just trying to help others you are scum."

Neil Arce defended rumored girlfriend Angel Locsin from bashers criticizing her visit with the evacuees from the battle-ravaged Marawi City in Mindanao.

In his Facebook post yesterday, June 10, Neil slammed netizens questioning Angel's sincerity in volunteering for the relief operations of a group called the Task Group Emergence Preparedness Response.

The relief group reportedly visited the Regional Command and Coordination Center in Iligan where some of the evacuees from Marawi are stationed.

Neil's status partly read: “just read someone's post here on facebook sabi 'When you do charity, do it quietly.' saw the comments section as well ang dami nilang alam!

“the person you are talking about went to the most dangerous area in the Philippines unannounced and without bodyguards or even government supervision.

“she risked her life just to help our countrymen.”

Neil went on to say that Angel did not ask at all for media coverage of her outreach activity.

“media picked it up on her 2nd day there hindi po yun pinatawag and hindi pinlano.

“she spent her own money and wanted to do it as quietly as possible.”

Without naming names, Neil hinted that some of the Facebook users writing negative comments about Angel were “press” people.

Firing back, Neil said, “what have you done to help? what have you done to inspire people to help?

“pati yung mga nagcocomment puro press pa kayo bring it on sulat niyo na ko ng masama wala akong paki!

“I know there are still good people out there but you people bashing people who are just trying to help others you are scum.”

A few hours after the posting time of Neil's Facebook status, he earned pogi points fom Angel who, in turn, reposted his statement about her outreach activity.

Addressing Neil, Angel's Facebook status read: “My hero [heart emoji].”


Angel and Neil are reportedly dating shortly after his breakup with longtime girlfriend Bela Padilla early this year.

To date, Angel and Neil have not yet confirmed if they are officially in a relationship.

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