Matteo Guidicelli reacts to female netizens ogling at his topless photos

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Matteo Guidicelli has the most practical reason for wearing swimming trunks, and it just so happens he's got a mean bod: "Yung trunks naman, that's what you use for swimming. It's not naman to be sexy. It's our uniform, kumbaga."  

Photos of Matteo Guidicelli in a pair of sexy swimming trunks and showing his six-packed abs are sending fans in a giddy spell.

When told about girls swooning over his topless photos, Matteo seemed at a loss for words.

Abashed, he laughed and simply said, “Thank you, girls!” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters had a chat with Matteo after the press launch of Sun Life’s digital films last June 7.

Saying he doesn’t intend to draw attention to his body in his Instagram photos, Matteo appeared nonplussed that young women see him as “hot” and “sexy.”

He said, “Me, I just post the things I love doing—my lifestyle, my triathlon, and that's my avenue.

“I don’t try to be a sex symbol.

“I just do what I love doing.

“This is my sports—running, biking, swimming—yun, that’s what I do.”

With his boy-next-door looks and wholesome image, Matteo was asked if wearing a pair of tight swimming trunks make him feel self-conscious. 

“Hindi naman," the 27-year-old actor and endorser said. "Minsan pang-Borat! Hindi, biro lang!”

He was referring to the hilarious character who goes around naked in the 2006 film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Turning serious, Matteo continued, “No, yung trunks naman, that’s what you use for swimming.

“It’s not naman to be sexy. It’s our uniform, kumbaga.”

Matteo maintained netizens can react to his Instagram posts however they want, good or bad.

“Wala naman, kahit bashers naman we just laugh at them.”





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