Lee O'Brian and Pokwang want a baby boy

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Lee O'Brian on Pokwang's pregnancy: "Elation, we're both very elated, very happy. Sobrang masaya because she's been praying for this for long time, and I'm more than happy to be having a child with such a great woman like Pokwang."

Kung masaya ang marami sa pagbubuntis ni Pokwang, higit dito si Lee O’Brian, ang live-in partner at ama ng ipinagbubuntis ng komedyana.

Lalo na’t dalawang taon na ang nakararaan ay nakunan si Pokwang sa una sana nilang magiging anak.

Pahayag ng American actor, “Elation, we’re both very elated, very happy.

“Sobrang masaya because she’s been praying for this for long time, and I’m more than happy to be having a child with such a great woman like Pokwang.”

Kuwento pa ni Lee, “We found about it just over a week ago.

“She took a home test and they were all positive.

“Then we got confirmation last Friday from the doctor, and she’s seven and a half weeks [pregnant].”

Nakausap ng PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at Cinema News si Lee sa ABS-CBN compound noong Lunes, June 19.

Ayon din kay Lee, total bed rest ngayon si Pokwang.

“Let’s put it this way, I have to change the channels on the TV for her.

“I don’t know if it’s bed rest or being lazy, but I have to do it.

“She’s not spending her energy even for that.

"No coffee, no nothing, just lay down and rest.

“No heavy lifting, she doesn’t lift her fingers for anything.

“Yes, kinda change of pace ‘coz besides being one of the most talented women in the entertainment, she’s one of the busiest.

“It’s a new change of life to sit there and, no, you don’t have to go anywhere, do anything.”

Pero nasa mabuting kalagayan naman daw ang kanyang mag-ina.

“We went to check it out and the doctor said it’s totally healthy and in good shape.

“We’re not too worried ‘coz the baby looks good.”

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GIRL OR BOY? Hindi pa raw nila alam kung ano ang gender ng kanilang anak.


Saad ni Lee, “We don’t know yet. We will know ‘til week 19, something like that.

“Honestly, myself, I think I’m a little in favor of a boy.

“I know she’s in favor of a boy, too, because her son passed away when he was five.

“So, we really, really hope for her to have a boy, as kinda second chance.

“The only way we will know if it’s a boy, he’s gonna have a first name of William.

“My family’s tradition, first name of a man, so we will give him a name William as his first name.”

Naniniwala si Lee na ang pagkakaroon nila ng anak ni Pokwang ang higit na magpapatibay at magpapalalim sa relasyon nila.

Sabi niya, “I think so, definitely, yeah.

“It requires more of double commitment from both sides.

“Another reason, I think, the blessing of last time, when we lost a child, was, I think, it helped our relationship to be stronger and deeper.”

Bagamat may balak na rin silang pakasal, ang prayoridad muna raw nila ngayon ay ang kanilang magiging anak.

“Our number one priority is her pregnancy going well—the rest, the care, the total treatment for every moment.

“As you know, we unfortunately lost a child two years ago, and that was because of lack of preparedness and preparation.

“Right now, we will try to treat the moment much better this time,” sabi ni Lee.





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