Bianca Gonzalez bemoans morena celebrities endorsing whitening products

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Bianca Gonzalez airs on Twitter her lament over morena celebrities who agree to endorse whitening products. 

Bianca Gonzalez, a proud morena, laments the endorsement of whitening products by brown-skinned celebrities.

She said she understands this is a profitable business and it gives employment to a lot of people.

But, she emphasized, what can be so wrong about being morena.

Part of ABS-CBN host’s tweet read, “I'm just all for celebrating the natural skin tone you're born in, fair or dark.”

Bianca clarified she isn’t being judgy; she is just expressing her opinion.

“This isn't to put down anyone, just an opinion,” she wrote in another tweet.

A netizen who agreed with Bianca interjected that there should also be no hate.

Bianca replied that it would be nice if more morena women take pride in their skin tone.

However, another netizen argued that fair-skinned celebrities endorsing whitening products wouldn't be believable.

Bianca agreed, but she also said porcelain-skinned endorsers profit from the booming skin whitening business.

One netizen mentioned Nadine Lustre, a morena actress who endorses whitening products such as soap and capsules.

Bianca stressed she is not referring to Nadine, “No need to put anyone down, please.”

It should be noted that, last year, Bianca addressed bullying and bashing because of her skin color, with some netizens even dragging her little daughter in the issue.

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