Is Derek Ramsay open to corporate job after TV5 contract?

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Derek Ramsay says he is not quitting showbiz entirely, but he is definitely moving on to other things. "I can still do movies. I love my craft, but… there's always another chapter in your life," he says. "Ang buhay naman ng artista is not gonna last forever."

Kinukunsidera raw ni Derek Ramsay ang magtrabaho sa likod ng kamera sa susunod na taon.

Napag-isipan na raw niya kasi ang mga susunod niyang hakbang sa kanyang karera at personal life.

Kaugnay ito sa balitang inalok daw si Derek ni TV5 Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan na magtrabaho sa corporate department ng istasyon.
Pahayag ng aktor, “Maybe, maybe... I was talking nga to MVP… I don’t know yet. 

“It was one of chika-chikahan namin.” 

Kuwento niya sa pagsulpot ng ideyang ito, “We’re very open kasi, that’s what I love about the network.

“The communication is great. I throw ideas, they throw ideas back to me. 

“And we always talk about new and different things.

“They said, ‘Derek, you have so many ideas that we like. Maybe you can work on the other side of the camera.’”

Dagdag ni Derek, “It wasn’t really an offer, it was more like in passing he said that.

“So, we’ll see, maybe you’ll see me working in creatives.”

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) si Derek sa presscon para sa mini-series na Amo, ang 13-episode series ni Direk Brillante Mendoza na tumatalakay sa illegal drugs at katiwalaan ng mga awtoridad sa lipunan.

MOVING ON. Kung sakaling mapasok nga sa corporate desk si Derek sa TV5, hindi raw niya iiwan ang acting.

Sabi niya, “I can still do movies. I love my craft. 

“I love everything that I’ve done and everything that I’ve been through, the ups and down. 

“But I have moved on, there’s always another chapter in your life. 

“Maybe it’s time for me to move on to new things.

“Ang buhay naman ng artista is not gonna last forever, you can prolong it if you’re dedicated.” 

Napangiti si Derek sa haka-hakang mayroon na siyang share sa TV5 kaya hindi niya maiwanan ang istasyon.


Saad niya, “I’m loyal because I’m a man of my word.

“They gave me this trust, they believe in me, and I’m going to represent them, even after. 

“But if TV5 says they’re not going to hire me and ABS-CBN or GMA-7 has an offer,  I will entertain. 

“But it will be together with the other things I wanna do with my life.

“Back to the drawing board, weigh which way do I wanna go.

“Do I wanna continue as an actor or do I wanna go and do new things?”

Bagamat naiisip ni Derek na subukan ang mundo ng corporate, alinlangan pa rin daw siya.

“You cannot see me going to work in suit and tie every day, behind the desk 9 to 5 and killing myself.

“My dad has a very big business, a flourishing business that he said he wanted me to take over.

“But I said no, I want to build my own thing, I wanna be my own man, I don’t want it to be given to me.

"I told myself, next year, if TV5 doesn’t want to get you anymore the same contract, the same services…

“I have to open my doors to different things, and maybe it’s not showbiz, maybe it’s completely outside of this industry.

“I just built a food hub in Tagaytay that’s doing really really well, The Barracks. 

“It’s got thirty stalls, and one day ubos lahat ng stalls. 

“It’s been open now for three weeks and every day it gets stronger and stronger, I’m enjoying it.”

Hindi inaalis ni Derek na kasama sa sinasabi niyang new chapter ang pag-asawa.

Sabi pa niya, “As you get older, you seem to prioritize different things.”





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