Solenn Heussaff keeps husband Nico Bolzico off her showbiz turf

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Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are as close as any loving couple can get. But when it comes to their respective careers, they're both hands-off. She said, "He doesn't ask me anything about my work. Like me, I know his businesses and plans are... but I don't ask him all the details."

There is a new development in the professional lives of celebrity couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico.

The two have started doing commercials together.

The first time was for a direct-to-home satellite provider.

Now they are endorsing a menu item of an international food chain.

Is Nico's sudden public exposure paving the way for his entry showbiz?

Solenn was quick to correct the wrong impression.

“No TV for him,” she said.

Nico affirmed, “Yeah, no showbiz."

The Argentinian businessman further said, "The truth is, I'm not a good actor. I wouldn't be able to perform as an actor.”

To clamp down any more speculation, Solenn was firm in saying her husband will not leave his agricultural business. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and other reporters interviewed Solenn and Nico during “The Awesome Sensession” event of Kenny Rogers Roasters yesterday, August 14.

HIS AND HER WORK SPACES. In their new TV ad, Nico is seen directing Solenn in a commercial shoot.

The couple said that sort of thing does not happen in their relationship.

Solenn said, when it comes to her work, her husband is totally hands-off.

"Like, I will nag him about projects and everything.

“But he's never the one to come and make bantay or ask pa to watch me.

“Like, he knows when I'm shooting Robin Hood or he knows I'm shooting Taste Buddies, but he doesn't ask me anything about my work.

"Like me, I know his businesses and plans are... but I don't ask him all the details, I just know what he's doing and where, but that's it.”


The Kapuso actress stressed, “We don't really get that involved when it comes to work.

"Kasi when you go home, you have something to talk about."

@nicobolzico is a self-confessed fan of Alyas Robin Hood star @dongdantes. #sosychick #gbr

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STILL NO BABY PLANS. Meanwhile, Solenn remains firm about postponing baby plans as she and Nico have other priorities at the moment.

The Alyas Robin Hood star reasoned, “We're in the stage now where our careers are at their peak.

“So we're gonna work a little bit more before we work on the little…”

She did not finish her sentence and pointed to her husband instead.

Nico humored Solenn and said in jest, “We have a turtle, Patato.

“The next step would be a dog, we're looking for a dog.

“After the dog, comes the house where the dog is gonna live.

“After that, I live in the dog house, where the dog is gonna live.

“After the dog house, and we find it comfortable, we might look for a baby—boys!”

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