Will Devaughn laughs off jealous streak of girlfriend Roxanne Barcelo

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Will Devaughn laughs off jealous streak of girlfriend Roxanne Barcelo, who says, "Iba-iba rin naman kasi minsan ang topak ng babae, iba iba rin yung timpla."

Will Devaughn revealed a few occasions when his girlfriend Roxanne Barcelo would get annoyed with female acquaintances getting overly familiar with him.

These would usually lead to a lovers' quarrel.

Will clarified, however, that those instances happened only “two” or “four” times throughout their four-year relationship.

The ex-Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemate recalled, “Kasalanan ko rin because this was the scenario.

“We go out, and then I see someone—na kilala ko naman siya from before, pero matagal na hindi ko siya nakita.

“So, all of a sudden, the girl shouted, ‘Will!’ Sabay yakap.  

“And then, I guess, I didn’t introduce her fast enough kay Roxanne.”

Roxanne, for her part, jokingly interjected, “Gusto ko yung 'I guess!'”    

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spoke to Will and Roxanne, the lead stars of I Found My Heart In Santa Fe, during the shoot of PEP Exclusive at the Summit Media Office last Tuesday, September 5.

When asked if he’s the jealous type, Will said he has no problem with male acquaintances approaching his girlfriend.

“It’s not about jealousy. It’s about disrespect.

“Kapag may nag-disrespect sa kanya, that’s the time I will interfere.

“As far as someone in my radar, or like someone texting her or things like that, wala naman akong problema.

“Unless they cross the line, then the whole story changes, pero at least naman hindi pa nangyari.”

In her defense, the 32-year-old Wildflower star said a woman knows by instinct if her relationship is being threatened.


Roxanne said, “Yung selos kasi is such a big word that I don’t like to use.

“Parang minsan hindi naman ako nagseselos sa girl herself…

“Pero minsan kasi, sa isip ko, ‘Hmp! Si ate girl, kung makaakap, parang wagas, wala nang bukas!’

“Yun naman. Sa totoo lang naman kasi, get ko yung excited na yakap at pagtawag ng ‘Will!’  

“Hello, all-girls school ako, high school and college, sanay na ako diyan.

“Pero may mga girls talaga na, ‘Mars, ano? Kayo na kaya.’ Hahaha!”

At this point, Will laughed and, motioning zipped lips, said, “I’ll just leave it there.”  

Roxanne joined in the laughter and merrily pointed out that she and Will are very committed to each other.

She remarked, “Iba-iba rin naman kasi minsan ang topak ng babae, iba iba rin yung timpla.

"Pero I would like to focus on four times [na away] in four years.”  





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