Aga Muhlach proposed to wife Charlene Gonzalez ahead of courting her

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Aga Muhlach describes the singular moment he knew Charlene Gonzalez was his forever: "This may sound cheesy, pero parang divine intervention. Para kang may nakitang ray of light na parang sinabi, 'Aga, she's you're one. She's the one.'" 

Aga Muhlach, 48, used the words “divine intervention” to describe the singular moment he realized that Charlene Gonzalez, 43, was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

At the time, they were co-stars in ABS-CBN’s now-defunct sitcom Oki Doki Doc, in which Aga starred as the good-looking neighborhood doctor and Charlene as his love interest.

Recalling the beginning of his love story with his wife of 16 years, Aga began with a shocker.

"She was never my girlfriend, hindi ako nanligaw."

He continued, explaining, “There was this one day, parang gumanun lang sa akin na...

"Naghahanap ako ng asawa that time, nandito pala siya sa harapan ko. Eto na siya.”

The 1990s matinee idol was interviewed in ABS-CBN's morning talk show, Magandang Buhay, earlier today, October 9. 

According to Aga, there was something about Charlene that made him realize she was “the one.”

He elaborated, “Kasi kapag nagkukuwentuhan kami, parang may nakikita akong...


“You know, this may sound cheesy, pero parang divine intervention.

“Para kang may nakitang ray of light na parang sinabi, ‘Aga, she's your one. She's the one.’ Seriously.”

He related what he confided to his mom, Anita Aquino, a week before the cast of Oki Doki Doc flew to Singapore.

UNUSUAL PROPOSAL. Aga said his mother was not surprised when he confided he wanted to get married already.

“Sabi ko sa mom ko, ‘Mama, mag-aasawa na yata ako.’

"Alam mo sabi ng nanay ko, ‘Sino? Si Charlene?’

"Sabi ko, ‘Sino nagsabi sa ‘yo?’"

At the time, Charlene was not his girlfriend yet, and he was not even courting her.

"Yun pala—eto, after namin mag-asawa na—nakikita pala nila sa taping.

"Yung alaga ko kay Charlene, yung pag-aasikaso ko.

"Or kapag napag-uusapan si Charlene, kung papaano daw ako magsalita."

Without an engagement ring with him, Aga went ahead with his plan in the three days they were working abroad.


“So we went to Singapore. We were taping. She was feeling something siguro.

“Pinaparamdam ko na rin sa kanya na there’s something.”

SO MUCH LOVE. Aga said he didn’t need a grand scheme to let her know the depth of his love, however inexplicable it was at the time.  

“There was so much love already," he recalled. “Not only love, there was so much...

"Parang, ‘Man, I’m gonna get you. You’re gonna be my wife,’ and I just proposed to her.

“If she said no, then doon ko siya liligawan. Liligawan ko siya kasi kukunin ko talaga siya.

“Sabi ko, ‘Will you marry me?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’

“Naiyak ako. Ako yung naiyak talaga.”

 It was a whirlwind romance for Aga and Charlene.

They tied the knot “three or four months” after he proposed to her.

How did they manage to keep it to themselves the whole time they were planning their wedding?


Aga said, “We didn’t do anything. We really kept it that way.

“Parang, ‘Okay, we’re all set.’ We went to Baguio, inayos namin yung wedding namin.

“That was the only time we really connected, the only time we really started holding hands.

"When I kissed her, parang, ‘Wow!’”

CONTINUING CONVERSATION. Charlene and Aga got married when she was three months pregnant with their twins, Natasha and Andres.

They exchanged vows on May 28, 2001, at St. Joseph The Worker Parish in Baguio City.

Aga said he will always be beholden to Charlene for being the best wife he can ask for.

“Lumiliit ang mundo ko kapag wala ang asawa ko, parang madidiskaril.

“My wife keeps me sane, really.”

What’s the secret to their lasting marriage?

Aga related, “Maraming hindi nakakaalam nito. Kaya ako late lumalabas ng bahay parati...

"When we wake up every day since we got married, we need three to four hours of talking every day.


“Not a single day na walang ganun talaga.

“That’s something that works for us. I am glad that it is like that.”


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