Atom Araullo wants to do good work as journalist: "I hope I don't let people down."

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Atom Araullo on voicing out his personal opinion on socio-political issues via social media: "Ang mga journalists ay mga tao rin na mayroong sariling opinyon. Pero kailangan nandun yung disiplina para maikwento yung storya sa isang tamang paraan. And when I say tama, adhering to journalistic standards."

As a long-time broadcast journalist, Atom Araullo says he feels lucky to be in a “unique position” of having a “significant influence” on people.

Knowing that his personal opinion on news and current affairs resonate with his social media followers has prompted the returning Kapuso talent to be extra careful with his statements.

He told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “I feel a big responsibility because I know that people are listening.

“Dahil dun, I have to think twice, thrice, four times, five times before making a statement about anything.

“But at the same time, whenever I make statements naman, they’re always based on a fact, I’d like to think.  

“So, I’m very thankful that people are listening or giving it attention.

“And I hope that I don’t let people down.”

PEP and other entertainment reporters interviewed Atom at his solo presscon for his first docu-special in GMA Network, The Philippine Seas, airing on November 5. 

The media event was held at Limbaga 77 Café & Restaurant in Quezon City last Friday, October 6.

CALL OF DUTY. Atom had reacted to certain issues happening in the country on social media, particularly on Twitter.

The most recent was about the killing of 14-year-old Reynaldo de Guzman, the friend of 19-year-old Carl Arnaiz, who got killed in an alleged crossfire with Caloocan police men.

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Back in November 2016, Atom took a stand against the burial of the late president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The 34-year-old Atom went on to say that his duty as a journalist didn't just end with reporting news, and that he hoped to encourage people to “act on the things that they want to change or things they want to improve.”


He added, “Dahil na rin sa social media, dahil sa nagbabagong hitsura ng media landscape natin, palagay ko, yung panahon na ang mga mamamahayag ay itinuturing na hiwalay, almost parang nasa ivory tower, ay paso na, e.

“Ang mga journalists ay mga tao rin na mayroong sariling opinyon.

“Pero kailangan nandun yung disiplina para maikuwento yung istorya sa isang tamang paraan.

“And when I say tama, adhering to journalistic standards.”

CELEBRITY STATUS. Atom’s job as an on-cam talent, as well as his starring role in the still-unreleased Mike de Leon movie Citizen Jake, has made the 34-year-old broadcast journalist a celebrity.

How does he balance his work as a journalist and as a celebrity?

"Parang when you have a certain amount of influence, people are more likely to listen to you.

“But, of course, it doesn’t end there.

“You have to make sure that the trust is earned,” Atom said.

He added, “The only way to do that is by continuously doing good work as a journalist.

“So ako, I’ll be honest with you, it’s very strange.

“Sometimes, when you’re covering something in the field, you’re very focused on trying to get the story, pero minsan merong distractions.

“Pero andun na yun, e.

“Sino ba naman ako para mag-complain?

“Kung tutuusin, mas marami akong nakukuhang garantiya dun kaysa distractions.”

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