Kris Aquino gets real about finding a richer BF: "Hindi realistic to think na nasa tax bracket ko."

IMAGE Noel Orsal

Kris Aquino has set a "realistic" standard for a potential suitor: "Basta ayoko lang ng tamad. Gusto ko talaga ng nagsusumikap."

For someone who gets paid oodles of money for her endorsements alone, Kris Aquino is not looking for a boyfriend who is more loaded than her.

Her straight-shooting statement: “Basta ayoko lang ng tamad. Gusto ko talaga ng nagsusumikap."

She explains, “Kasi hindi naman realistic to think na nasa tax bracket ko. Hahaha!”

Then, she backtracks, “Ang maldita ba? Is it a maldita answer?”

Kris continues, “Unless ilang marriages ang bubuwagin ko para mangyari yun.

"Kung ka-tax bracket ko, di ba? Or sinong biyudo ang hahanapin natin para mangyari yun?

“So, hindi... gusto ko lang talaga ng nagwo-work.”

Kris may consider entertaining a politician-suitor, but with a caveat.

“Realistic ako dun, kasi hindi mo naman puwede i-assume, di ba?

"Ayaw mo rin naman na, kunyari you end up with someone in politics, I don't want someone corrupt.”

Kris was interviewed by select entertainment reporters, including (Philippine Entertainment Portal), at her Quezon City home last October 20.

KIDS' APPROVAL. The 46-year-old TV host/actress/endorser has only three qualifications for a potential boyfriend: “Dependability, trustworthiness, and intelligence.”

But she points out he must pass the scrutiny of her younger son, James “Bimby” Yap.

Not her older son Josh Aquino because, according to Kris, he is very easy to please.  

Bimby is her only child with ex-husband James Yap, while Joshua is her son with her ex-boyfriend Phillip Salvador.

“Kailangan may Bimby seal of approval," says Kris.

“Si Kuya, ang bait, lahat ginugusto, kasi na-train dahil laking-lola.

"He will hug everybody, he will say 'hi' to everybody.

“Inaaway pa siya ni Bimb, ‘We’re not supposed to like him because he made Mama cry. Don’t say hi to him.’

"Hindi ko na papangalanan kung sino yun. Hahaha!"

MAYOR HERBERT. Kris’s last boyfriend was Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista back in 2015.


Their romance was short-lived, but they had been seen together after they broke up in February 2015.

The most recent was sometime early this year.

Kris, however, clarified that she only met Herbert for merienda during her trip to Italy last January.

“Walang Roman Holiday na naganap kasi super-dasal naman ang ginawa namin.

"And hindi kami naka-dinner, nakapag-merienda lang kami.

"Yun lang naman, that’s it, but yung rest of it, we remain friends,” she was quoted as saying in a article dated March 8, 2017.

In a separate interview last October 12, Herbert averred that he’s still “friends” with Kris.

Do they still keep in touch?

The 49-year-old mayor vaguely replied, “Oo naman. We communicate, pero hindi na salita.”  





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