Franco Hernandez's accidental death shocks netizens

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Hashtags member Franco Hernandez died in a drowning incident in Davao Occidental last Saturday, November 11. Amid the shocking news, netizens expressed their heartfelt condolences over the young celebrity's tragic passing.

Netizens were shocked to hear about the accidental death of Hashtags member Franco Hernandez last Saturday, November 11.

Franco, 26, was declared dead on arrival in a nearby clinic in Malita town after a drowning incident in a resort in Davao Occidental.

It's Showtime host Vice Ganda was one of the first to react to the tragic news.

He tweeted, "Tragic. This is just so heartbreaking. Oh my God!"

He added, "Ito yung pagkakataon na hinihinling kong sana ito ang fake news. Sana lang please."

The news of Franco's passing became a trending topic online as netizens expressed their heartfelt condolences and complete shock on their Twitter feeds.

Even though not everyone was a fan, people still sent out their thoughts and prayers.

Many saw Franco's death as an "eye opener," most especially since his passing happened close on the heels of Isabela Granada's equally tragic and untimely death.

It was a heartbreaking reminder that life is "full of sudden goodbyes."


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Hashtags member Franco dies in drowning incident
Hashtags member Franco dies in drowning incident


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