Paul Soriano quashes infidelity rumor involving Erich Gonzales: "There is obviously no truth to that."

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Paul Soriano on being romantically linked to Siargao star Erich Gonzales: "It's inevitable. My wife knows it, even her. It's part of the industry. We're here to answer the questions. There's nothing to hide. Like I said, there's no truth to it. And we were making a film, we were telling a story. And we were working hard for six weeks in Siargao."

Paul Soriano, 36, categorically denied rumors that he and Erich Gonzales, 27, allegedly had an affair while filming the movie Siargao last May.

Paul—who has been married to Kapamilya TV host-actress Toni Gonzaga for more than two years—dismissed the controversy as "unfair, wild, and irrelevant."

Addressing the controversy for the first time, Paul told (Philippine Entertainment Portal): “There is obviously no truth to that.

“We were in Siargao to make a film.

“You know, it is very easy to write whatever it is you wanna write.

“Imaginations are wild.

“But, you know, when we were in Siargao, we were making a movie, we were telling a story.

“That goes for everybody that is part of Siargao.”

Directed and produced by Paul, Siargao was shot for almost six weeks in Siargao, Surigao del Norte.

The movie is headlined by Erich, Jericho Rosales, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Paul went on to say that he treated Erich and the rest of the cast members as “family” during that lock-in shoot for the movie.


“It’s unfair to Erich because she delivered in this film. She didn’t know how to surf, but she learned.

“When you talk to her, she had cuts and bruises. And she really gave justice to her character.

“I always tell Erich that she delivered. Same thing with Jericho, same thing with Jasmine.

“We were in Siargao for almost six weeks. We became almost like a family.”

Paul spoke to and other reporters after the press announcement of the eight official film entries for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

The presscon was held at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City, earlier this Friday, November 17.

Paul’s film, Siargao, is one of the eight official entries that made it to the all-Pinoy-films festival in December.

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SOLID MARRIAGE WITH TONI. It was in August when rumors alluding to Paul and Erich’s alleged romance came out and made rounds online.


The infidelity rumor sparked mixed reactions from netizens and fans who have closely followed the love story of Paul and Toni.

They were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for eight years before they tied the knot on June 12, 2015.

But according to Paul, he and Toni never questioned each other’s commitment to their relationship amidst all the controversies they've hurdled together so far.

He elaborated, “The trust between my wife… There is a strong trust there.

“In the eight years of dating and two years of marriage, there’s never been any question.

“Especially now, we have a one-year-old son. We are enjoying that so much.

“No matter how stressful and no matter how intriguing our world is, when we look at Seve, there are so much more important things in life that we embrace every day.

“What’s important to me is the people around me, my close family, my close friends, they know the truth.


“The trust is there. It’s solid. And our son is a product of that.”

"NOTHING TO HIDE." Known for being low profile when it comes to his private life, Paul didn't think twice about addressing the controversy involving him and Erich this time around.

Is he ready for persistent questions about it in the coming media engagements for their movie?

Paul answered, “To be honest with you, if you look at the past promotions of my film, there has always been that sort of link, that intrigue.

“It’s inevitable. My wife knows it, even her. It’s part of the industry.

“We’re here to answer the questions. There’s nothing to hide.

"Like I said, there’s no truth to it.

“And we were making a film, we were telling a story.

"And we were working hard for six weeks in Siargao.

“The selection committee saw that. And we’re blessed to be part of the Metro Manila Film Fest.”


The filmmaker also hopes that Siargao would get the attention that it deserves rather than the false intrigues hurled against him as the director and Erich as his movie's star.

“I just hope that as we market and promote the film, we can focus on the story, the craft of the actors.

“There’s really no need to talk about irrelevant things…

“There are a lot more important things to discuss than that kind of unneeded intrigues.”

At any rate, Paul reiterated that being romantically linked to a showbiz colleague is quite "predictable" in the scheme of things.

"I mean, I've been in the industry ten, twenty years. It's inevitable.

"Not just for ourselves but for other actors, other directors.

"Whether it's being linked or other intrigues, it's just part of the industry.

"I mean, we just roll with the punches."

In a separate interview last August 12, Toni also quashed the issue saying that she and Paul even talked about the possibility that he might get romantically linked to Erich just because they worked together.


The 33 year-old TV host-actress said, “Alam ninyo sinabi niya sa akin ‘yan nung May, si Paul.

“Sabi niya, 'I think people are gonna make an issue about me and Erich, just like how they did to me with Maja [Salvador] before."

As his wife, Toni added that Paul never gave her any reason to feel jealous at all.

“Naniniwala kasi ako sa intuition.

"Kasi sabi ng mommy ko, kahit walang issue, kahit walang tsismis, kahit walang ano, may woman’s intuition.

“Kahit walang isyung lumabas, pag may naramdaman kang intuition, most likely 80 percent of the time, it’s true.

“Pinakiramdaman ko, so far wala pa naman.”


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