Paulo Avelino to bashers: "Hindi naman ako perpektong tao."

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Paulo Avelino on bashers: "Ang dali nilang magbitaw ng salita na wala silang alam sa sitwasyon."

For the first time, Paulo Avelino explained his cryptic Twitter post addressing bashers criticizing the way he handles his personal life.

This is in relation to his November tweet wherein he alluded to hearing “crap” from people who don’t know him well enough to make judgments about him.

Speaking to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the 29-year-old Kapamilya actor said that he’s just not the type to air his personal problems on social media.

Explaining what his tweet was all about, Paulo said, “Not anything specific but in general, dahil hindi rin naman ako perpektong tao or perpektong tatay at least.

“Pero marami sa buhay natin na wala silang alam.

“Hindi naman nila alam kung inaayos mo, kung may nakikita ka, kung nagkakaproblema ka... yung mga ganung bagay.

“Minsan, itong mga taong ‘to, ang dali nilang magbitaw ng salita na wala silang alam sa sitwasyon.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to interview Paulo before the presscon proper of Ang Larawan, a Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 entry which he co-headlines with Rachel Alejandro and Joanna Ampil.

The presscon was held at Promenade Hall of Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan City, earlier today, December 7.

Paulo went on to say that he sometimes gets misunderstood because he prefers to keep things to himself.

“Hanggang ngayon din naman!” he remarked with a laugh.

But despite criticisms from some bashers, Paulo maintained that there’s no need for him to put out every little detail about whatever he’s going through just to appease them.


“Hindi ko naman kailangan i-post lahat sa social media lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay ko or lahat ng importanteng bagay sa buhay ko.

“Mas gusto ko siya na nilalasap ko para sa sarili ko dahil bihira lang 'yan mangyari sa mga pagkakataon,” he said.

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Paulo doesn't want unsolicited advice from strangers
Paulo doesn't want unsolicited advice from strangers





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