Paul Soriano thanks Kris Aquino for defending Erich Gonzales from bashers

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Paul Soriano on Kris Aquino coming to his and Toni Gonzaga's defense: "If she feels that she has to defend us, it's her right. And we appreciate that so much."

Film director Paul Soriano is grateful to Kris Aquino for defending Erich Gonzales from bashers.

One netizen branded Erich as a "kabit" or the mistress of Paul, who is married to Kapamilya TV host-actress Toni Gonzaga.

Kris retaliated yesterday, January 3, by posting on her Instagram account that this accusation is "malicious."

Kris is one of the principal sponsors at the wedding of Paul and Toni on June 12, 2015.

When asked about this gesture done by Kris, Paul told select members of the press:

"You know, Miss Kris is being a ninang. She's being protective.

"I was talking to Tin [Toni's nickname] about that last night.

"We're very thankful for that. We consider her as very close.

"She's our ninang. And she knows the truth.

"If she feels that she has to defend us, it's her right. And we appreciate that so much.

"I think, today, she [Kris] is doing a block screening for Siargao."

Siargao, directed by Paul and starring Erich, is an entry in the ongoing Metro Manila Film Festival 2017.

Paul held his solo press conference earlier today, January 4, at the Relish restaurant in Quezon City.

STAUNCH DEFENDER. Kris considers herself a staunch defender of Erich.

In fact, in her January 3 Instagram post, Kris wrote that Erich "ranks up there with Kuya Josh & Bimb when it comes to unleashing the Tiger Mom in me..."

What is Paul's reaction to this?

The director said, "Miss Kris and Erich are very close also.

"Actually, she's [Kris] been very supportive of Siargao even before.

"I think it's a natural reaction.

"Of course, there's a lot of people out there who like to bash, but they don't have any concrete facts."

Does he get affected by these kinds of rumors?

"No, naman," Paul replied.

"Honestly, Tin and I, we laugh about it because we're very secure. The trust is there.


"To be honest with you, we would rather play with our little boy [Seve] than read all the unnecessary hate that comes our way.

"It's part of the industry.  I think, every actor, actress, filmmaker goes through that.

"For me, maybe we can acknowledge it, but it doesn't affect me 'coz we know the truth, di ba?"

Toni gave birth to their firstborn son, Seve, on September 30, 2016.

Paul added, "Ate Kris has been very supportive, so I'm very thankful.

"I messaged her earlier about the block screening and told her, 'Maraming salamat.'

"I hope she likes it. It would be an honor to one day work with her.

"I mean, Kris Aquino, the Queen of All Media, who wouldn't want to experience working with Ms. Kris Aquino?

"It would be so interesting and challenging and something to look forward to."

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