Agot Isidro on being single: "Wala akong dyowa kasi dense ako!"

IMAGE Rachelle Siazon

Agot Isidro says potential suitor should tell her straight, "Uy, nililigawan kita!"

Agot Isidro, 51, said that a guy who wants to court her should verbally express his intentions and not just send her some sort of feelers.

She admitted, laughing, “Kaya wala rin akong dyowa kasi dense ako!”

According to the Changing Partners star, she is not dating anyone at the moment.

She and husband Manu Sandejas separated in 2011 after ten years of marriage.

Asked if she wants to get back together with an ex or find someone new, Agot answered, “It’s 2018, gusto ko bago naman lahat.

“Leave the past behind. Kailangan move forward.

“And siguro, that’s my way of moving forward. I’d like something new or maybe someone new.”

Agot’s latest interview was at the presscon for Cinema One Originals’ musical film Changing Partners, showing in theaters on January 31.  

The presscon was held at ABS-CBN’s 9501 Restaurant in Quezon City, earlier today, January 18.

GIRL NA GIRL. In the film, she plays a career-oriented woman who gets into a romantic relationship with a younger male and younger gay female.

Asked if she’d consider dating a lesbian, Agot made it clear that she’s into heterosexual relationships.

“Choice ‘yan, e. I don’t judge anyone sa gender choice or preference.

“Yung sa akin, girl na girl ako, e.”

Agot went on to say that she couldn’t remember an instance when a lesbian may have wanted to pursue her.

She elaborated, “Kasi dense ako sa mga ganyang bagay. Hindi ako nakakaramdam ng ligaw. Hindi ako asyumera.

“Siguro nagpapahiwatig sila, na dinededma ko lang, sa kanila panliligaw na.

“So, siguro may nanligaw, hindi ko lang naramdaman.

“Kasi medyo dumb ako sa mga ganyan. Kailangan sinasabi mo sa akin na, ‘Uy, nililigawan na kita.’

“Wala pa, sa aking pag-iisip.”

Agot emphasized, however, that she has a lot of friends from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community.


“I have very strong relations, relationships, friendships with any of the sexes or gender.

“Ang dami na ngayon, e. Meron pang questioning, merong LGBT, may fluid, may pansexual...

“So, hindi ako judgmental sa ganun.

“I really don’t see any problems having friendships or good relations with all genders.

“Pero sa aking gender, sure ako.”





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