Celebrities rage against new toll scheme in the south

IMAGE Alfred Villanueva

Public outcry greets the opening of the two newly built toll plazas near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Thousands of commuters coming from the south were stuck in traffic for hours early this morning, January 29, because of the new toll system.

The Skyway System has angered hundreds, even thousands, of commuters travelling from the south that were held up for hours early this morning, January 29, by the new toll system.

Skyway O&M Corp. (Skyway SOMCO), operator of the Skyway System, opened two newly completed runway toll plaza in the northbound section near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The first toll plaza, also called Runway A, consists of three lanes dedicated to Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.

Meanwhile, the other toll plaza, called Runway B, is dedicated to four cash lanes with up to five tellers.

According to a statement released by Skyway SOMCO, the new system aims to "facilitate faster toll collection on the Skyway’s elevated section."

But the people affected by the new toll scheme are in uproar, and celebrities are venting their ire via Twitter.

Director Erik Matti wrote, "@SkywaySOMCO this additional toll booth at skyway just to remit tickets is another lame solution to slowdown traffic going to Edsa. But with this addtl 30min to remit the ticket, what’s the point of using the skyway? Might as well go through SLEX. Libre pa. #perwisyolangalamnyo"

Director Jose Javier Reyes tweeted, "You pay over P100 and more to@use the Skyway only to be stuck in worse traffic than the SLEX because of their New system of ticket payment. What sort of Management operates this system? DON’T waste your money on the Skyway!"

Radio DJs Slick Rick and Andi Manzano, meanwhile, issued warnings.

TV host Anthony Pangilinan almost missed his flight because of the traffic.

Beauty queen Mariel de Leon questioned the purpose of the new toll plaza.

Many netizens also aired their dismay.

At press time, southerntollways.com has reported light traffic for north-bound and south-bound vehicles.

Skyway SOMCO has also apologized for the inconvenience the new traffic scheme has caused the commuting public.


“We apologize for any delay this adjustment to a new system might cause — particularly in the first few days of implementation,” Skyway SOMCO told alabangbulletin.com.





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